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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Commissioner - What Is Commissioner? EP (2011)

Band: Commissioner
Release: What Is Commissioner? EP
Genre: Deathcore/Dubstep
Members: Big Chocolate & Mitch Lucker
Label: Independently Released

1. Pray For The Sun
2. Click Click Flash (Feat. Phil Bozeman)
3. Consume
4. The March
5. Click Click Flash (Big Chocolate Remix) [iTunes Version Only]
5. Consume (Big Chocolate Remix) [Physical Release Only]

Review: 9.3/10
Standout Tracks: Consume, The March, Click Click Flash (Big Chocolate Remix)
When I found out 2 of the most brutal vocalists of all time are collaborating on a project, my heart skipped a beat. Took a while, but they finally made this EP after teasing people with non-downloadable releases of "Consume" and "Click Click Flash". "Pray For The Sun" opens up the EP quite nicely as a preview of what to expect. Alternating vox with double bass pedals and an electro snare thrown in for good measure ensures that this EP will be unlike any of Suicide Silence's or Big Chocolate's other releases, save for the remix of "Consume". "Click Click Flash" infuses heavy EDM and guitars to bang your head to while constantly changing tempo. Big Chocolate uses a few sounds and mixing that has become trademark of his style that helps him stand out among other Dubstep/Electronic music artists. "Consume" is my personal favorite track on the album with brutal vox and awesome production and mixing, then all of a sudden it slows down to build up to total destruction (in the good sense of destruction). "The March" functions as what could be an awesome live show opener by giving the audience a call to arms in keeping the same overall tempo. The two remixes that are found on different versions of the EP hardly sound like the originals, which makes getting both versions necessary. "Consume (Big Chocolate Remix)" is very reminiscent of his early release CMA, covering an almost ethereal soundscape in the first half only to have the devil summoned about a minute into the song.
Overall, I would have paid more than $5 for this EP if only for the fact of Mitch and Big Chocolate working together. My one and only gripe I have about this EP is that I was hoping to here some true band material and not all just electronic and vocal music. I'm very pleased at the overall finished product and I would love to hear a full-length in the near future. If they are not signed by now, then Century Media or someone else needs to pick them up as soon as possible.

For Fans Of: Big Chocolate, Deadmau5, Rudebrat

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