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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review: Jordan Blake & Etienne Sin - The Legend, The Leader EP (2011)

Band: Jordan Blake & Eitienne Sin
Release: The Legend, The Leader EP
Genre: Screamo
Members: Jordan Blake, Etienne Sin
Label: Independently Released
Facebook (Jordan Blake): http://www.facebook.com/trancesmusic
Facebook (Etienne Sin): http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000457663674

1. The Legend
2. It's Jordan Blake Bitch!
3. A Photo Doesn't Capture Your Charm (Feat. Justin Ma)
4. It's Dangerous To Be Sincere
5. The Leader

Review: 9.1/10
Standout Tracks: It's Jordan Blake Bitch!, A Photo Doesn't Capture Your Charm
"The Legend" offers the same sound I heard when I listened to screamo music for the very first time. Singing and music that makes me want to ice skate (a hardcore dance move if you're out of the loop) is very fitting as the title makes it out to be. Bringing it back to screamo's roots. "It's Jordan Blake Bitch!" is by far the best track on the album. When I first viewed the music video I was expecting a retarded auto-tuned track, but thankfully it was all for show. As soon the breakdown starts and the vocals shred your ears it makes you want to do the gorilla (another hardcore dance move). "A Photo Doesn't Capture Your Charm" is another fine example of screamo's roots in terms of structure. Most screamo bands these days say that they have "matured" beyond the sound and I just say they brought in other elements into their music. "It's Dangerous To Be Sincere" just brings a movement to the body with good background noise, then some gnarly breakdowns to bang your head to. The singing bits are pretty nice as well. As soon as "The Leader" comes around it brings what little energy you might have left and expends it all at once by creating fast music to jump to and breakdowns to swing your arms at.
Definitely the album to hardcore dance to. I got a little sweaty listening to it. I really (REALLY!) look forward to seeing these two in action together live (if that will ever happen). Only bugaboo I had with this album was the same thing as its strength, which was all screamo and not too much else. The song structuring was mostly the same, save for the stand out tracks. I love this EP and I recommend it to both new comers and veteran listeners of screamo music.

For Fans Of: A Skylit Drive, early Escape The Fate, Drop Dead Gorgeous

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