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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Stiletto Ghetto- First Takes EP (2011)


Band: Stiletto Ghetto
Release: First Takes EP
Genre: Funk/Alternative Rock
Members: Nicolas, Louis, Marcus, Safiya
Label: Independently released
Buy Here: *Not available yet*

1. Get The Funk
2. Soul On Fire
3. I Must Confess
4. Blessed
5. Get Outta My Head
6. Call On Me

Review: 7.4/10
Standout tracks: Get The Funk, Call On Me, Soul On Fire
This is an EP that took a couple listens all the way through before writing this review. As I'm not really into this type of music, it was hard to not score it below 5 out of 10. After listening to it more and more, I started to notice hints of 90's Alternative metal, 80's glam rock and some soaring guitar solos to throw in the mix.
 To start off, "Get The Funk" is soaked in 90's influence. As a child I remember listening to this kind of stuff on the radio while my mother drove me around doing her errands. Very radio friendly song with a sense of nostalgia. For some reason, "Soul On Fire" gave off a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe, only if Anthony Kiedis had tits and Flea put on some more cowbell. I was not feeling "I Must Confess" though. It lacks any sense of diversity and sounds like I've heard it before (which is not a good thing for a band that formed last year). And the lyrics aren't all too clear on what the song is about. "Blessed" picks the pace back up after the monotonous confession by starting with a... drum roll and... more cowbell on the chorus. The guitar solo is quite awesome however, and it makes listening to this track worthy (I suppose). "Call On Me" should be the first song of this EP. It's a good song on recording, but I suppose it wouldn't be as good as seeing them playing it live. It throws all of their influences I previously mentioned into a single track. Her voice wavers over the strong but simple guitar and bass with thumping drums to give the audience something to jump to. 
Overall, it's a decent album. It sounds like the title of the EP, like it was recorded on the first take. I know they can definitely do better. They are very unique and they just need some time to polish their sound a bit more.

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