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Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Dead Leaf Echo- Verisimilitude EP (2011)

Band: Dead Leaf Echo
Release: Verisimilitude EP
Genre: Indie/Electronica/Atmospheric
Members: LG, Ana B., Christo B., J. Parker
Label: Custom Made Music

1. Half-Truth (Fryer Remix)
2. Act Of Truth (RxGibbs Falling Away Dub)
3. Half-Truth (Elika Remix)
4. Woolgathering (Mark Van Hoen RMX)
5. Half-Truth (Spry! Remix)
6. Act Of Truth (DLE Remix)

Review: 9.2/10
The new Dead Leaf Echo release Verisimilitude  EP is actually a remix EP of 3 different songs from their previous release Truth EP, with the song Half-Truth remixed three times, Act Of Truth two times, and Woolgathering once. They are a atmospheric minimalist indie band, and this remix EP brings their music into new territory not previously explored, such as new wave and electronica. Since it is a remix EP, I will not delve too much into the lyrics and just focus on the music.

The first song Half-Truth (Fryer Remix) has a sort of spacey and otherworldly vibe to it. The vocals go back and forth between an echo and overlaying the track. Really touching song here and the overall style is excellent. Half-Truth (Elika Remix) is a more digitized version than the previous remix and it also has female vocals. It’s also more minimalized than the previous remix as well, opting for easy to access sounds without trying to go out and create a broad soundscape. Woolgathering (Mark Van Hoen RMX) is a gritty, creepy sounding track with fuzzy overtones and echoed vocals. It doesn’t ever really pick up the tempo and drags along (not saying that as a bad thing here) at the speed of molasses. Near the end, it throws an orchestral element and brings a sort of epicness to the track. Half-Truth (Spry! Remix) starts out promising enough and matches the rest of the album, but then goes into this repetitive thing with a faux-orchestra that reminds me a little of the water palace from Secret Of Mana on Super Nintendo.

I give this remix EP a high score because it’s a dreamy experience with a well executed atmospheric soundscape that few bands can pull off. The only letdown I had was the track Half-Truth (Spry! Remix). I look forward to what this band will do in the future.

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