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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Verah Falls - All Our Yesterdays EP (2011)

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Band: Verah Falls
Release: All Our Yesterdays EP
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metal
Members: Craig, Ty, Kyle, Forrest, Grant
Label: BlkHeart Group

1. Season Tickets To The Opera
2. Portland: Stay Golden
3. The Cover-Up (Uncovered)
4. So I Hear You Start Riots
5. A Family Affair

Review: 9.2/10
Verah Falls is a new band that just released their debut All Our  Yesterdays EP on June 7th, 2011. When I saw what genre they are on their Facebook (metal, hardcore, pop) I though “h boy, yet another generic poppy hardcore band. Well, I am here to tell you I was wrong.

The first thing you will notice here is the vocals. They have a unique sound and don’t try to sound like any other vocalist out there today. The screamed vocals are surprisingly polished, the death growls don’t lack any ferocity and the sung vocals really stand out and make a mark in the music scene. While listening more closely, you will start to notice that the actual music flows like water. Nothing sounds like it’s forced or someone is trying to play outside of their ability, or even worse, sounding overproduced.  

In the opening track “Seasons To The Opera,” vocalist Craig wastes no time screaming in your face with the dual guitars and drums jamming to his beat, shortly before heading into a breakdown that is a force on its own. One thing I forgot to mention earlier is that his screamed vocals are very easy to understand. I really admire this fact because I can’t think of many other hardcore bands that are like this. Usually I would have to pause the track and go look up the lyrics, then listen to the track over again. In this song he addresses his darkest hour, seemingly to a significant other that apparently didn’t work out. (How could I forget / The way you made me feel so alive … So young and so confused / where did we go wrong … I keep wondering / What if we never fell apart).

They are from Portland, Oregon, and they throw out some love in the song title of the second song “Portland: Stay Golden.” The music starts as a metalcore-tinged train coming for your head, then slows down without sacrificing any of the heaviness into a verse, then the guitars go back and forth while the singing and screaming trade off. I don’t think the lyrics are a throw to the city, and most likely another personal story, as shown in the chorus “How long will it take for you to come to terms with yourself / With yourself and what you’ve done / Your fall from grace was anything but graceful / You’re only fooling yourself.” Nonetheless, the song is full of catchy vocals and guitars that will please everyone.

“So I Hear You Start Riots” has a breakdown from the get go that will capture the attention of both the casual listener and someone who thinks they have heard everything in the genre (such as myself). Overall, it has a August Burns Red sort of influence without sounding too much like them. When they break off and start the fast paced metal, you’re already hooked on the slight soloish guitars mixed with heavy, pounding drums that match the guitars and bass perfectly. The march of the snare drum part way through the song brings forth the mayhem of the next breakdown that isn’t too soft, but not too heavy, that is until the lows kick in and blow you away like “Whoa I wasn’t expecting that!”

I really like this album, and I know this band will be getting some attention in the next few months or so. I heard that they will be on Warped Tour, but I don’t see them on the roster :/ hopefully that will change because these guys will bring the energy to their live set. This EP is only $3.99 on iTunes, so make sure you go grab it and show some love for them. 

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