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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: The Light Iris- Cities Built On Ruins Of Regret EP (2011)

Band: The Light Iris
Release: Cities Built On Ruins Of Regret EP
Genre: Post-Hardcore/Electronica
Members: Andy, Brandon, Alesandro, Edward, Dennis, Marco
Label: Unsigned

1. Introduction
2. I Hate Song Titles Pt. 2
3. Battle For Athens (Feat. Aaron Pauley from Jamie's Elsewhere)
4. Betrayer
5. Architects
6. Weast
7. I Hate Song Titles Pt. 2 (iNexus Remix)
8. Architects (Skollie Remix)

Review: 7.4/10
The Light Iris is a new band on the scene that formed in late 2009, yet have already gained a following. Cities Built On Ruins Of Regret EP is their debut, of which they also self-produced.

Being a new band, most people will expect to hear a band that has yet to find their “sound,” meaning that they have yet to find their groove and to put their strengths into their songs. The Light Iris is a electronically infused post-hardcore band, and on this EP they threw on a couple dubstep remixes as well. The first song “I Hate Song Titles Pt. 2” has a uptuned riff over a basic breakdown with slight synths thrown in for good measure. The vocals kick in and they trade off between unclean and clean vocals throughout the song. This band reminds me of when post-hardcore first started coming around, when most of the popular bands of today were just starting out. If you have any idea of A Skylit Drive or Attack Attack! In their beginning days, then you would have a good idea of what these guys sound like.

“Battle For Athens” is the stand out track on the album, not only because it features Aaron Pauley from Jamie’s Elsewhere, but also that the music sounds noticeably polished as compared to the rest of the album. The clean vocals don’t sound as rough as the rest of the album, the guitars sound tightly composed, and the drums help keep it all in line. Being new in the post-hardcore genre, it’s hard for any band to truly stand out among other bands, as it’s likely that when they play a breakdown or bridge, it will sound like some other band.

One thing about the dubstep remixes is that they really lack the bass that most artists use in their songs. “I Hate Song Titles Pt. 2 (iNexus Remix)” is a case in point. It sounds like a weird cross of dubstep and electro music while only retaining the vocals and some of the drums. It really didn’t tickle my fancy, even though I am a fan of dubstep. It doesn’t really get good for me until around the 2:25 mark.

Overall, this could be a band to watch out for in the future. They don’t showcase it yet, but practice makes perfect. I have faith that these guys find a unique sound and rise above the so called “Risecore” bands of today.

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