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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: Hope I Die Virgin - Is Forever No Way (2011)

Band: Hope I Die Virgin
Release: Is Forever No Way
Genre: Ambient/Psychedelic/Indie/Shoegaze
Members: Martin, Svein, Anders, Jon
Label: Fysisk Format Records

1. Intro
2. Panther Streams
3. Acid Lake
4. Anders GiƦver (Interstellar Duke)
5. Cogs
6. Wolf Head Dress
7. (Soon) Into Heavens
8. No Dwelling
9. At Crude Garbage Falls

Review: 9.3/10
Lately I’ve been paying attention to more bands lately that venture in the ambient spectrum, and Hope I Die Virgin is one of those bands that have been taking up my ear time. Shoegaze psychedelic indie music is slowly taking over my life. Is Forever No Way is very soothing and is one of those albums that you can switch on while driving a long distance without any need to switch tracks.

On the first song “Panther Streams,” they instantly set the mood for the entire album. It’s an earthy tune that captivates your attention and is sure to keep it. The guitar hangs high above the soundscape and minimalist drumming provides the foundation for the listener to enjoy the song as a whole. I really like the Martin’s voice, and if these guys hit it big, he will be one of those singers that people will instantly recognize.

“Acid Lake” is where the psychedelic elements start to set in. The keyboard sounds are a little fuzzy, yet sharp at the same time, the guitars backing up the keyboards, and the singers voice all combine to give you a truly unique experience. The cool bass part at the two minute twenty second mark is pretty cool as well.
My favorite track (and one I would love to see a music video of) would have to be “Wolf Head Dress.” Martin takes a slightly more serious tone after the spacey synthy intro, which is backed up by the bass and drums. The soundscape sets itself low on the ground until Martin picks up his voice and the instruments follow suit.

This album is for those who are open minded to new things. These guys have a completely unique sound and are definitely worth your time checking out. 

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