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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Aegaeon- Dissension (2011)

Band: Aegaeon
Release: Dissension
Genre: Progressive/Deathcore
Label: Independently Released

1. Dimensions Of Reality
2. Meeting
3. A Product Of Variety
4. Explanation
5. Reshaping The Mulverse
6. The Consumption Of Everything
7. Perception
8. Impermanence
9. Time
10. The Awakening
11. End

Review: 8.6/10
Literally, there are only two bands that can pull off monotone vocals and actually sound bad fucking ass. Aegaeon and A Night At The Chalet. After a long wait, Aegaeon have finally unveiled their debut album entitled Dissension. One thing I like is how much more clear it is compared to the muddiness of the Exponential Transcendence EP. The vocalist has gotten a tad more comprehensive as well (you can actually pick out some of the words this time), but he is still the brutal monster on the vocals that sounds like a real life bear grabbed a microphone and fronted a death metal band. 

The first song “Dimensions Of Reality” begins right where the last EP left off. The musicianship is tight as ever, with brutal guitars hits and drums that perfectly match every transition that goes on. Having the bear-like monotone vocals can get a little nerve grating after a while, and really diminishes on the replay value over time. It has that quality where you can play it, then come back to it after a few weeks or so, but not something I can see listening to every day. 

Definitely the best song on the album is “A Product Of Variety,” with the blast beats, heavy riffs, and bellowing vocals will make this track memorable. “Reshaping The Mulverse” just makes you want to punch babies. The haunting guitar riffs that are spread throughout the entire album give this a unique feel and truly make it stand out among the rest of the deathcore and death metal albums of the year.

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