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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review: Proud Of That- Revenge (2011)

Band: Proud Of That
Release: Revenge
Genre: Goregrind/Death Metal
Label: Independently Released

1. Mr. Ed Gein
2. Roses
3. Be Proud
4. This Is My Personal Revenge
5. Pussy Dreaming
6. We Are Proud Of That
7. Let Me
8. Ah
9. Physicality Vs. Psicology
10. Working Knife

Review: 8.7/10
I tend to think that in order to like a genre like goregrind, you have to have an acquired taste for it. Thankfully, this album crosses over a little into the death metal spectrum and has delivered one of the best goregrind releases of the year. The first song “Mr. Ed Gein” is full of indecipherable lyrics coupled with punishing brutality that is sure to bring in fans that normally don’t listen to goregrind. Lots of double bass and snare hits along with tuned down guitars drive it home.

“This Is My Personal Revenge” is a really good song to rage to. Classic, old school grindcore music is hardly heard of these days, making this song that much better to me. “Pussy Dreaming” is another old school grindcore song that reminds me of Napalm Death, Scum-era. At one point, it stops and brings on the heaviness with a good breakdown that doesn’t sound like a generic new school breakdown what so ever. I would imagine this song being a live set classic in their future. The one and only gripe I have is that they use a couple bree-bree’s, though it’s not too common. Not really a big thing, but still there.

For people that want to give the goregrind genre a try, I would suggest that you start with this excellent band. Definitely goes down as one of my all time favorite goregrind artists. I can’t wait to hear what they have in store for the future.

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