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Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Eyeresist- Between The Line EP (2011)

Band: Eyeresist
Release: Between The Line EP
Genre: Metalcore/Deathcore
Label: Independently Released

1. Raise The Curtain
2. Between The Lines
3. Systematic Vessel
4. Walls
5. Cold Chamber
6. Apocalyptic
7. Utopia

Review: 8.5/10

On the debut EP by Kuwait’s Eyeresist, they give people a peak into one of the best blends of metalcore and deathcore I’ve seen so far. Most bands try to mix it up but rarely does it ever turn out good. Let me explain this a little better for you.

On the first track “Between The Lines,” they open up with a well done metalcore verse that has catchy guitar lines. Not too complicated, but not that simple either, these guys have the ability to keep people who are on both sides of the fence occupied. The drums and guitars play off of each other for the verse lines, then the guitar takes center stage with a chunky riff (yeah I just said chunky) before going into a metalcore bridge that is sub-par at best. The deathcore elements kick in with the next breakdown, which is much heavier than the rest of the song and have deeper, growling vocals for part of it and higher pitched vocals the other part.

An instant metalcore classic when I first heard it, “Systematic Vessel” is my pick of the EP. I can see that this track being played live will really get the people moving. It’s at a slower pace than the previous song, but the breakdowns are more catchier and heavier, grabbing your attention at once. The bridges aren’t really all that great and are a little on the generic side, but the rest of the song holds it’s own.

Overall it’s a pretty sweet debut. Over time, don’t be surprised if these guys make it big. There is a lot of promise to be heard here. The only things holding this album back are the issues that only bands with more experience can fix. Give it 3 years, these guys will be on the front cover for a legitimate magazine.

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