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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Interview: J.P of Get Shot!

Interview @ 3/30/2011
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About to release their debut album "Keepin' It Sleazy" on May 20th after playing just about every club in Sacramento, Get Shot! are ready to resurrect a long-lost era of Rock N Roll with a fresh tinge of "Slut Punk." Since the industry of movies and music has a history of old trends making a come back and being called retro, then these guys will be among the names of other bands we will read about 5 years from now when rock n roll makes its long overdue comeback. Lead singer J.P. (middle, shirtless gent above) has decided to answer some questions for the amusement of his fans.

Q: So what year did you form your band? How did you all meet?

J.P.: We officially formed in October 2008. Steele (lead guitar) and I met when we were like 15 or 16 and were in a few epic fail bands together. we partied 24/7 together and picked up all the hot stoner chicks in an old T-Bird boy! there are enough stories to write a series of trashy sex novels. Cheryl and I met in 2005 and were in The Alibis together. Cheryl is actually a bass player first and really wanted to play drums after our original drummer, John Morrison moved to Austin, TX to fuck more girls. He slept with most of Sacramento and was much inspiration at the founding of this band. Noodle and I have known each other probably around a year through mutual friends and is probably the coolest member in the band. Scott randomly played tamborine while we played an acoustic set for a Toys for Tots benefit last November and responded to our ad seeking a new bass player after Kevin quit.

Q: Ah yes every successful band needs a tambourine player haha. So what's the story behind the name "Get Shot?"

J.P.: We used to practice at John's (original drummer) apartment right over the i street bridge above a liquor store. the only time we COULD NOT practice was from 7am til 9pm. We would have crazy parties with hella girls!  Every so often  we would hear gunshots coming from the streets of West Sac not to mention its cool to take shots of whiskey and shoot your load on a chicks face. I also thought it was better than calling ourselves Dick Slap.

Q: I would definitely take my girl to go see a band by the name of Dick Slap. Quickest way to get laid! What has been your biggest challenge being a rock n roll band in a city full of punk and hardcore bands?

J.P.: Thats the exact point of why Get Shot! exists! Sacramento has a great music scene with lots of great bands and musicians but I feel everyone has their "click" of punk, hardcore, pop-punk, metal... ect.   There are a few other bands that play 80's style rock and hair metal but they cater to a 40's plus crowd. We want to be Sacramento's CRAZY ROCK 'N' ROLL BAND!!!!

Q: Sacramento really needs a breath of something new amongst the standard hardcore/punk/metal bands that form. So can you tell your fans a little about "Slut Punk" and its overall message? What made you want to create this subgenre?

J.P.: We don't want to sing about how fucked up society is, religion, politics or being depressed about how your girlfriend left you for another dude. Guess what? One of us was probably "that other dude". We just
want to talk about the good things in life. Sex. Drugs. Rock 'n' Roll. Period!!!

Q: Yes very good point! We definitely need more positive thinking like that! When you're not playing music and banging sluts, what other hobbies keep you busy?

J.P: Steele is an amazing guitar player and probably the most creative motherfucker I know. He is the frontman of Zero for Zero and created this crazy guitar, modified pickups with two outputs. the sixth and maybe 5th strings are bass strings with bass pickup and that runs into a bass amp when the other guitar strings run through a guitar amp!! He also teaches guitar and drum lessons.
Cheryl has been in every band. Not really but almost. From math rock, punk rock, brazialian jazz fushion, she's done it. Get Shot! is her first band playing drums in and she just kills in the rhythm section all together.
Noodle or Newell is a great mechanic!!! He wants to fix your car and gives great rates to hot single girls. Noodle has played quite a few reputable bands such as Longway and Massacre Time to name a few. He is also currently in a new streetpunk band called City of Vain.
Scott is the baby in the band. He is 19 and no one ever asks him for his ID. Scott also plays in a metal band called Death and Discord. When Scott isn't rocking out he's doing what 19 year old boys do. BANG CHICKS!!!
I went to the police academy and I used to bounce in gang banger bars in South Sac.

Q: What was your guys first song as Get Shot?

J.P: I think it was Bestfriend. If not that, steal your girlfriend and tommy tag team were the other first songs.

Q: Being a "Rock N Roll band that specializes in sleazy punk", there must be some crazy ass stories to tell. What would you say is your craziest gig/fan experience?

J.P.: Haha!! Just the other weekend we were supposed to play a gig in Reno with Surrounded by Thieves from Vegas. It was snowing and we had chains but everyone got kicked off the freeway in Colfax due to a 30 car pile up. We waited and then learned that they shut down the freeway going west bound because of an overturned big rig!! We were stuck in Colfax and couldn't make it to Reno or home to Sacramento. We found an old bar called The Red Frog and asked them if we could play and they said we could plus free food and drinks. We made a giant snow cock outside of the bar too!  After we set up our gear inside the power went off and the bartender lit candles. He then brought a generator from the neighboring barn and it supplied enough power for the bass & guitar amp plus a disco ball! There wasnt even a PA and we played for a bunch of drunk rednecks in a snowstorm!!

Q: All I can say to that is... Epic. I honestly wish I was there to see that go down! What other bands would you like to tour alongside with in the future?

J.P.: I'd love to tour with Cunt Sparrer from San Francisco!!! They're fucking bangin' hot and could serenade me with 80's punk classics all day!!! I'd love to open for Steel Panther sometime in Hollywood!! Those guys are epic!!

Q: I remember way back when you recorded a demo, then seemingly dropped off the radar. Where did Get Shot go? What finally made you guys record your debut album "Keepin' It Sleazy?"

J.P.: After John went to Texas we just fell apart for a year. Actually I was starting to hear a lot of people wanting to see Get Shot!  I was kinda shocked since we were always so half assed and piss drunk. So I pieced the band back together and had a few temporary members but I feel that this is a solid line up now.

Q: What comes first the lyrics or the music?

J.P.: I generally write hand in hand but I'll write down lyrics in the car driving or bust out a riff on guitar.

Q: What are your favorite songs to play? any covers?

J.P.: Our original line up covered "talk Dirty to Me" by Poison but we haven't played that in well over a year!!! We also occasionally cover "Shithouse Blues" by New York Dolls.

Q: Do you have any other projects that you want the fans to know about?   

J.P.: We are just getting started. I have huge ideas and goals for Get Shot! We are going to recreate 1980's hair metal concerts in small punk venues. I'm talking, fire, lights, special effects, go-dancers and food sex!!! We are soon going to be a whole fucking show instead of simply a crazy punk outfit stuck in the wrong decade.

Q: Tell the fans who haven't seen you yet a little about your shows and why they should be there?

J.P.: Our shows are awsome!!! If you are afraid of cum and period blood you may want to stand in the back. Im serious!!  You will be entertained without a doubt!!!

Q: Any shout outs you want to give?

J.P.: Yes!  Basilio Salaices for doing an amazing job recording, editing and producing our album!! He ROCKS!!!   Also to all of my super sexy Reno friends and Desert Rose Revue for all the love, support and taking sexy pics for the album!!

Q: Any last words for your fans, sluts, grandmas, etc?

J.P.: If you are hot and want to have crazy sex with one or all of us, just send us an email with the time and place!!!

*Beastman Aids*

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