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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Interview: Dan of Shake It Up

Interview @ 4/9/2011

Shake It Up is a band you will hear about in the near future. Although he only has 1 song made as of this interview, you can tell he knows what he's doing. With his powerful and stage grabbing voice, one can only imagine how far he can go. Catchy melodies, memorable lyrics, and (at some parts) heavy hitting, his debut song The Tide is one that I can see on the radio (labels take note ;)). I decided to have this interview with the man behind Shake It Up before he blows up and becomes too busy for one.

1. So how did Shake It Up form? What can you tell people about your band that haven't heard you yet?
D: The Idea of Shake It Up formed in late 2009 about a year after my other band broke up. I took that time to really step aside from the music scene and wait until my heart was back in it. Even though the idea came about for the band earlier, I didn't start writing "The Tide" until June of 2010. 

2. Is it all yourself or do you have other people play instruments or fill in live?
D: Shake It Up in and of itself is just me. However, I do have other studio musicians. Personally, I only play bass, so all of the songs are written completely off of that. Whenever I come into the studio, I make sure to have at least the skeleton in mind of how I want the guitars to sound and what I want them to do, as well as what the drum parts are. My brother Nick is also a big part of Shake It Up, he is an amazing drummer and really helps me get what's in my head drum-wise into something that transfers into the studio. 
Another guy I have to give big-ups to is one of my best friends, Nate. He plays guitar on all of the upcoming songs and we feed off of each other amazingly. 
As for live performances, I do not have any lined up, but if and when I do, I will most likely call on the people listed above. 

3. What are some of your musical influences? 
D: Oh man, I have way too many. I would have to say- Chasing Victory, Person L, Oceana, Underoath, Mae, and As Cities Burn are all pretty huge for me right now.  

4. For only having one song it seems like you know what you're doing. Have you played in any other bands before?
D: First off, thank you.
I have played in other bands before. I had my beginning years in a high school punk band, and then spent some of my greatest couple years of music in a band called Nihilio. Nihilio was by far my most memorable and most influential band that I have ever been in to date. I had other smaller amounts of time in small bands sprinkled in between those as well. 

5. Is there any upcoming releases? 
D: Yes! I am so glad you asked. 
I will be releasing my debut EP this summer. 

6. What other sort of hobbies do you have other than making music? Any other projects you want your fans to know about?
D: I am very much into basketball. People never believe me, but I love playing and initially, I thought my future would just be playing college ball. I'm also just an all-around music nerd. I love finding out anything and everything about artists, and going back to hear what previous records and EPs sounded like in order to experience their progression. 

7. What is your biggest inspiration to go out and play?
D: First of all, my faith and my calling to just go and love on anyone and everyone. That is huge for me, and I just love being there for people and doing whatever I can for them. 
My wife, she is so supportive and loving of me.
Just my all around drive to make music and share it with others. 

8. Where do you see yourself in about 5 years?
D: Hopefully with several records out whether it be independently or through a label, and performing wherever I can, all around the world. 

9. Are there any live shows/ tours coming up?
D: Not at the moment

10. Any last words for your fans?
D: Do what you love, not what people think you should love. 
And by no means should you ever let fear hold you back, if you are feeling a song, I mean really feeling a song, but you are afraid of what people will say about it, just write it/record it/release it or whatever. If that song is really coming from inside you, then that song is right for this moment in your life. 

*Against the tide*

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