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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Interview: Pursuers

Interview @ 4/9/2011

Despite only having 3 very rough demo recordings and just playing their first live show about 24 hours ago as I'm writing this, I decided to hit up Pursuers because... What can I say? I like interviewing bands. No matter how small or big any band or musical artist is, it's still worth knowing about them. Once they record a demo/EP/album, I know they will be a band that will stay on my constantly rotating iPod. Instead of just 1 or 2 people, Ethan, Marcus, Blake, Steven and Nick all decided to pitch in questions for this interview.

1. So what is the overall message your'e trying to spread with your music?
Steven: The overall message we are trying to spread is The Gospel of Jesus Christ and that we as young as we are shouldnt be afraid to speak the Gospel to anyone.

2. How long have you guys been a band for? How did you all meet?
Blake: We've been a band since like the end of December 2010 early January 2011. We all met in different ways: Me and Ethan knew each other at church for a while (junior high) and we started making music since high school in past two bands beneath silent depths which featured Steven on vocals, and later Silhouette Symphony (Which included Marcus on vocals) which was a band for like 3 years I think, and that's how me and Ethan became close. Ethan knew Marcus basically and he always chilled with us and such, and even went to Silhouette Symphony shows before he was in the band. Steven knew someone from high school and met us all through that person (I think Ryan Abao, if that's how you spell it) and ever since he has been chilling with us since 10th grade. Nick at the time knew Ethan's cousin and was like friends with all of us and even had his own band for a while (Gods Don't Bleed). This is basically a short description of how we all met, mainly through Ethan in a way. 

3. What is the meaning behind the name "Pursuers?"
Ethan: We found our name Pursuers in the bible actually, in Psalms 34:14. it says:
'Depart from evil and do good. Seek peace, and pursue it.'
The word pursue stuck out to me and I thought of being called Pursuers. At first I thought The Pursuers but that sounded cheesy. I think simply the word 'THE' in front of a name just sounds weird.

4. Do you guys have any demos, EPs or albums on the way?
Marcus: Yea we will be recording some demos by the end of May. We're so stoked on that so just keep updated with us on Facebook to find out more.

5. Who are your biggest musical idols and why?
Steven: My biggest musical inspiration would have to be my friend Andrew Mikhail (ex-Oceano). How his playing style is just inspiring to me because he can make something so beautiful sound so heavy a perfect example is the song "Depths" from Oceano's first album "Depths"
Nick: My biggest musical idols are the drummer from Foo Fighters because he got me into drums, the singer from Rise Against because I want to be able to sing like him one day, and the drummer from All or Nothing because he is absolutely amazing
Marcus: My biggest music idols would have to be the guys from Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, and For Today. Those are the bands that have always had the main influence on me.
Ethan: And my biggest music idols are over all just the dudes in As i Lay Dying and August Burns Red. They're such good musicians and I want to be as good as them one day. And some of my other main bands are The Ghost Inside, For The Fallen Dreams, Haste The Day, For Today, and bands like that.

6. What comes first the lyrics or the music?
Marcus: It depends we have some songs where the lyrics come before the music and we have songs where the music comes before the lyrics. 

7. Is there any covers you guys play live? If so, what are your favorites to play?
Nick: Haha
Ummm.....I don't think we're doing any!
But we should do Move Along!

8. What bands would you guys like to play along with?
Blake: Bands that we would like to play along with would be AS I LAY DYING, THE GHOST INSIDE, FOR TODAY, SLEEPING GIANT, THE GREAT COMMISSION, FOR THE FALLEN DREAMS, I THE BREATHER, and any band that's pretty cool like these artists.

9. Tell people about your next show and why they should be there.
Ethan: Well our next show is at Paradigm in Calimesa and it will be with Colossal and City Delived on May 14th. It should be a really great show! Also we have a show on the 21st of May out in Rancho. People can check our Facebook for the address and such, we are not sure who it is yet but there is supposed to be a very big band playing that show and we will be selling pre-sale tickets for 8 bucks!

10. Any last words for your fans and people who don't know about you guys yet?
Steven: We hope that our message speaks for itself and that our music shows you what God has done to pull us out of situations.

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