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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interview: Monte from The Antioch Synopsis

Interview @ 4/27/2011

The Antioch Synopsis was a band I never even heard of till I saw them live at the Plea For Peace Center in Stockton, CA sometime ago, which was a really badass show. I bought their EP Prophecies Of The Arbogast and bugged them till they gave me a demo of "By The Skin Of Their Teeth" featuring Jesse from Embrace The End (coincidentally, they were supposed to headline that particular show but for some reason they didn't show. I think my friends Last Night In Town ended up headlining I don't remember). Anyways, I was interested in hearing a little bit of their backstory, so I hit up Monte for the interview.

R: How did you guys meet? Were there any bands you guys played in prior to The Antioch Synopsis?

M: Clayton (Bass) and I played in a band called Bears Doing Human Things a few years back after high school, Martin (Guitar) was in Burn.Heal.Scar and I called called him after they broke up when we needed a guitar player. Monty (Drums) knew Martin, and moved back home to Sacramento after studying at Berkley music college in Boston. Monty knew Devin (guitar) and the rest is history. I've played in this band, and guitar in a band called Dance For Destruction as well as a handful of other projects.

R: What is the meaning of the band name?

M: We get asked this question a lot, most people think were from the Bay area town of Antioch. No offense if you're from Antioch, but to quote my dad; "Antioch is a shitty town where people sit around and smoke cigarettes." Our name stems from the capitol of Turkey during the Crusades. There was a massacre of Muslim lives by Christian forces, men, women, children, the lot. So much death with religious justification. Our music is the summary or synopsis of that event, and how we stand against Religion of all kinds and hope to expose the blatant hypocrisy in the three major monotheistic establishments.

R: What would you say is the overall message of your EP "Prophecy Of The Arbogast?"

M: Prophecy was mostly about what was mentioned in the last question. I like to tie in personal experiences with metaphors of apocalyptic meanings. on that record, the songs had so many brutal and intense situations that all had there place for real life events in my life.

R: So what made you guest spot on "Liquid Penetration" with At The Crossroads?

M: Stephen and I have been playing shows in our respective bands together since I started playing music. ATC was recording at the studio TAS had recorded at. Stephen called me up and I said why not. I also did some stuff on Stephens other project, "These Nightmares". everything mentioned is stanky rad and I suggest the readers peep it. 

R: Is there any new songs since your EP and the By The Skin Of Their Teeth demo? Any new releases coming out soon?

M: We did do another "EP", but I would hardly call it that. it was two new songs, a re-arranged and re recorded version of "Father Merrin" from the first CD, and By the teeth of their skin. we never pressed it, just put it up online for free download. were working on a bunch of new material now. Martin has enough for at least a triple whammy, but it's now just about getting the cream to rise and arrange that goodness. ALL the tunes are on the facebook. so go Like, tweet, add, tattoo our name on your ass, blog, vlog, and friendster us on everything. I think bands should incorporate porn in the whole viral thing, just a thought. people can get porn for free, yet they pay for it? People can get music for free, so they do? I may be on to something....

R: What would you say are your main musical idols? Non-musical?

M: I take personal inspiration from any band that has made their mark in the music scene. Bands like Converge, who have been playing this game for 20 years now, and still tour in vans and aren't conceited pre madonnas. People that live life beyond the goals of currency and social stability. Anyone who changes the game for better. Radiohead, Reznor, The Dillinger Escape Plan. I agree with many aspects of LaVeyan Satanism, some of Nietzsche is interesting and has it's merits but some is just whack. Gotta love shitty Horror movies, everyone in this band bonds over those for sure. 

R: What was your first song together with The Antioch Synopsis?

M: I think we wrote Botched Vasectomy first under this band name. Clayton and our old guitar player John Farrant penned that one. we still play that one from time to time. I would say it's a "fan favorite", but in reality it just tends to get good response wherever we are.

R: Tell fans about your next show and why we should be there. Are there any tours coming up soon?

M: We're playing in Reno at the Alley on May 11th with Carnifex, Oceano and Danza. Then on June 27th with Impending Doom and MyChildren, MyBride at the New Club Retro in Roseville. Be there cause Martin and I say stupid shit in between songs that we perceive as comedy haha, but no, the touring bands on both those bills are stellar, and were just pumped to hang out. No touring plans until maybe late summer and I stress the maybe. Our van situation just got a lot brighter so were hoping things can pan out. That is if gas isn't 12 bux a gallon by then.

R: What other bands would you like to see your band play with?

M: We've played with so many great well known bands over these few years, to be completely honest we just love meeting new bands that are nice guys and shred so hard they make us want to go home immediately and start writing new stuff. If this was one of those fantasy, who would you like to play with, living or dead scenarios? I'd have to say Frank Zappa, he would've "got us". haha

R: Any shout outs you want to give?

M: You! For taking the time to read these answers. Eric Rushing at Artery has always been a doll to us, anyone putting on shows anywhere. Stay in school.

R: Any last words for your fans and others that are missing out?

M: Thanks unlimited to the small handful of people that have given a shit about this band and given us praise. We work our asses off and are damn proud of the product we put out there. Our bass player is single, (Ladies) and Kramer is god.

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