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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interview: Skyline For Tomorrow

Interview @ 4/28/2011
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Skyline For Tomorrow is a relatively new post-hardcore/screamo band from Kentucky. I decided to have this interview with them because they’re music, although very unpolished and rough, has a lot of potential. I know these guys will do great once they get some decent recordings out there.

R: So tell me a little about Skyline For Tomorrow? When did you guys form?

SFT: Hello! We are a band from the Nashville, TN / Bowling Green, Ky area. I
guess if we had to describe our "sound" then it would be post-hardcore. We take
influence from a lot of bands and put our own spin on it. We love bands like Chiodos,
Pierce the Veil, Emarosa, and Saosin. Lately we have channeled a lot of a
Oceana/Decoder feel to our music. It's sounding very sludgy at times. Haha.

R: What is the meaning of the band name?

SFT: Skyline for Tomorrow was something that just came about one day. At the
time, three of the members had come from another band that had just broken up.
We were pretty discouraged as far as music is concerned because of that breakup.
Then it came time to look ahead, rebuild, and move forward. A skyline is
something you build. Tomorrow represents the future. This is pretty much us building our
future and choosing our own path.

R: Are there any other projects that you guys are involved in that you would
like people to know about?

SFT: I know Seth and Trevor have been talking about Doing something together for
awhile now. Trevor has a solo type thing going too. Our friend Tim that
did the drums on our Parallels EP is in a Christian rock band called Cord of 3.
All of those guys are pretty cool.

R: What message are you trying to send with your music?

SFT: Well when it comes to writing, I just try to write what I feel. I'm still
growing up and going through the same things everyone else goes through.
Hopefully people relate to that.

R: What are your biggest music idols?

SFT: I have so many. It's unreal. Haha. I love everything from oasis to Chides to
Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Oceana. Lately I've been jamming some
Architects and Bring Me the Horizon. I used to hate BMTH, but their last album is one of my
favorites ever now. I love how dynamic it is. Oh, and Decoder. Love
those guys. Everyone else in the band likes a lot of the same bands. They are also
heavy into Pierce the Veil and Emarosa. Good bands.

R: Do you have any demos for fans to download?

SFT: Um yeah. If you check out our Facebook page you can download an old,
old song. Not a great representation of where we are as a band right now, but you
can also hear some clips of our new stuff there too.

R: When will your debut EP Parallels be released?

SFT: It's coming out very soon! Swear. This thing has become our Chinese
Democracy. Haha. Between replacing members, changing our sound around, building a new
studio, and physical confrontations with former bassists, the process
has been very interesting. It's coming before we head out. That's for sure.

R: Do you have any shows coming up?

SFT: We are getting ready to head out for the summer with some really cool
bands. We have been in talks with a band we did some stuff with last fall called
Ironsides. That's gonna take up July. We had a band pull out of our June
run. Hopefully we can get them replaced in time to do those shows. And for
august we have been talking to a band that is one of our favorites. It will hands
down be our favorite tour if we get this together.

R: Where do you guys plan on touring in the summer?

SFT: Literally, everywhere in the United States. June will be west coast
mainly. We will be in the southeast July. August is kind of a mix between
everywhere. So there are plenty of chances to come see us.

R: Any last words for the fans?

SFT: We love you guys. We love the people that come out to the shows. We love the
venues and venue promoters that have had us so far. We hope to see you
all real soon. Don't ever give up on us. Check out Parallels when it drops and
keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter.
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