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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interview: Ryan and Zach of Last Night In Town

Interview @ 4/28/2011 

Last Night In Town is by far one of the greatest local scene Sacramento bands, right up there with Havenside, Shadow Of The Colossus, and The Antioch Synopsis. But due to shady record deals, ties at home that prevents them from touring, and lack of promotion, they’re not really well known outside of the city. I don’t just say that because I know them personally, but because it’s true. Fierce, in your face beat down hardcore coupled with epic melodies and mosh pit worthy bridges, they do take heavily from their namesake Every Time I Die. If you like any form of hardcore you will like LNIT. To give a little history about the band (since they haven’t really taken the time to write it) I decided on this interview to show people how Sacramento/Rio Linda gets down:

RB: So to those who don't know of LNIT, when did you guys form?

R&Z: We started as Kata Kleia in late 2005. We quickly made lineup changes and changed the name to Last Night In Town in mid 2006, the day the scene died.

RB: What was your first song together as a band? 

R&Z: The first song ever was "I Know A Hawk From A Handsaw" which was written by Kata Kleia, but the first song with the first official LNIT line-up was "Techniques For Truth Supression".

RB: What is the story behind the name Last Night In Town? What is the meaning of it to each of you?

R&Z: We all had the same dream the night before. We were snakes slithering through the grass, until we came upon a dead elk, and we climbed into his soul, and its there we stayed until morning, which meant we will underestimate someone very close to us. Then we smoked some weed and ripped the name off of Every Time I Die, because they ripped their name off of Children of Bodom.

RB: Which influence does each of you have that the rest of the band don't share and where's the common ground? 

R&Z: We basically all listen to the same music, but we do all have our little differences. Kevin listens to 80's power metal, Alan likes Marky Mark And the Funky Bunch, Kyle loves Yanni and Folk/Polka, Zach listens to smooth jazz and saxophone solos, and Ryan listens to purely Eminem and House of Pain.

RB: @Ryan, I heard that southern hardcore track you did a few months ago. Will that have a proper release in a future album? 

R&Z: I have yet to do my part on that project. Its something that Zach and I started for fun. We plan on creating a superband and releasing 100 full concept albums in the near future.

RB: Speaking of the future, since Alan has moved back, what are your current plans? Any upcoming releases?

R&Z: Alans back on full time as our permanent drummer. We plan on releasing the Binary Sunset Ep before the Summer, and the full length will be out in the fall.

RB: Are you still signed with Dead Royalty Records? If not, is there any other labels hitting you guys up?

R&Z: We were on Dead Royalty Records, which is now defunct due to personal reasons. We have no hype on labels right now, but were not really shopping around until the full length comes out.

RB: What made you re-record the Herding The Storm EP with Justin Calvert? A true hardcore masterpiece by the way :)

R&Z: His lows are legendary, and they needed to be put to music.

RB: What comes first the lyrics or the music?

R&Z: Music always comes first. Everybody does their part in the writing process. It usually goes guitars, drums, bass then vocals.

RB: If you could play on your dream tour, what bands would be on it?

R&Z: The Acacia Strain for sure, Parkway Drive, Misery Signals, Born Of Osiris, After The Burial, so basically Thrash and Burn tour.

RB: What is the overall message you're sending with your music?

R&Z: We write our music for ourselves, so basically you could say the message is to live for yourself.

RB: What is the worst president ever? why?

R&Z: All of them. Excluding William Jefferson Clinton because hes down with the bitches and hos. What kind of question is that anyways?

RB: What is the strangest gig (or fan experience) that you've had so far?

R&Z: Alan gets the best luck with crazed fans, he snagged a girl that puts pickles in her butt, and has been mistaken for just about every drummer in any band thats not ours.

RB: Do any of you guys have any other projects (musical or non-musical) you want the fans to know about?

R&Z: Check out Ryans spread in the upcoming Playgirl magazine. When we say spread we mean he pulls his butt cheeks open and everything, if you haven't heard about it its probably because he went under the alias of Dangle Taintwalker.

RB: What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

R&Z: Don't. Save yourself the headache.

RB: Any shout outs you want to give?

R&Z: We gotta shout out to Take Pride, Lifeforms, The Antioch Synopsis, Havenside, Memento Mori, and Give 'Em Hell, all great bands so go check em out.

RB: Any last words for your fans?

R&Z: Don't call it a comeback.....

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