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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interview: Stephen of At The Crossroads

Interview @ 4/18/2011

If you haven't heard of At The Crossroads yet, then you're missing out big time. They're at the fore front of the humongous hardcore/deathcore scene of Sacramento by delivering their new untitled EP (well, once their Facebook page reaches 1500 likes, but for now you can download 4 songs from their page) with a plethora of other deathcore vocalists giving guest vocals on it. Some of which are Drew (ex-Conducting From The Grave, ex-Fate, Shadow Of The Colossus) and Monty Bernard (The Antioch Synopsis). I know these guys are more than deserving for some exposure and I decided to have this interview with vocalist Stephen Walsh for the fans to learn a little bit more about the monster that is At The Crossroads.

R: So how did At The Crossroads come to fruition?

S: Back in late 2005 is when it first started. It was more of practicing together the next several years nothing serious became of it until about late 2007 when we decided Travis Alstrand (former drums) would move on to guitar alongside with Ryan Aguilar. He was already writing the guitar riffs and thats when we bumped into Tony Marcucci. He's a genius and a mind blowing machine and we felt he was more fitting seeing as we we're seeking a 2nd guitarist. so it kinda came together really good. Went through several bassist's until we just recently found a new permanent solid member. Ryan Black, he is our newest asset to the band and everything is coming together just great.

R: What was your first song? Do you guys play any covers?

S: haha first song? i think something like Dont save myself. that was made back in 2005 or early 2006.
Eh we know a few. Travis consumes his life with guitar pro and covers any crazy songs he wants to learn. I think he was doing "faust" last by The Human Abstract

R: How did you guys come up with the name At The Crossroads? 

S: It has to do somethin with the meaning behind Travis's name... We thought about changing the name but we're happy with it!

R: Do you guys have any other projects you want the fans to know about? 

S: Nope,  At The Crossroads is about it. :)

R: What made you want to have so many guest spots on the EP? (which by the way is fucking awesome)

S: we decided drew and monty would do great on the ep. so it came together quite nicely

R: Do you love your mic as much as this guy? http://www.damnlol.com/i-love-my-mic-845.html

S: haha! idk that guys is pretty dedicated to that microphone. pretty tough to compete with!

R: What advice can you give to other people wanting to form their own band? 

S: PRACTICE!!! practice equals solid.
R: Tell your fans about your next show and why we should be there.

S: the date is not completly set in place but we are aiming for late may in sacramento its a big ol metalfest! more news will be released soon!

R:  After the EP is released (once you get to 1500 likes), when will the next release be out? 

S: Plannin' on hittin' the studio in a few months!!

R: What are your favorite venues/cities to perform in? 

S: So far, Boardwalk in sacto or the pound in sf. legit!!
R: Any last words for your fans?

S: Without you. we dont exist. We cant wait to release more music to your ears :) we love every single one of you.

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