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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: Ratchet - Numb EP (2011)

Band: Ratchet
Release: Numb
Genre: Alternative Metal/Post-Grunge
Members: Brian (vocals), Ty (guitar), Jonnie (bass) and Scotty (drums)
Label: Self-Released
Buy here: *Not available till release*

1. Changes
2. Chaotic Romance
3. Now You Know
4. Numb
5. Needy Bitch
6. Million Miles Away
7. More
8. Compromise
9. One More Season

Review: 9.0/10
Standout tracks: Changes, Needy Bitch, One More Season
When people say something is "radio friendly" the first thing that comes to mind is crap like Kesha or Justin Bieber and it's instantly ridiculed. But sometimes, being "radio friendly" means writing awesome tunes with memorable lyrics in the likes of P.O.D. (without the rapping), Hoobastank or Foo Fighters. With Ratchet's upcoming release "Numb," they prove to be the latter kind of  "radio friendly." Suffice to say, there is nothing cliche and desperate sounding like they're actually trying to get on the radio or that they're a manufactured label band. It's their naturally produced sound. They pull bits and pieces from a bunch of other bands while still sounding fresh and unique to the genre's overflow of alternative metal and post-grunge today. 

"Changes" opens up nicely as a familiar song that you've never heard before (and in my opinion should be their first single), with a heavy riff and a voice that is a cross between Sully Erna (Godsmack) and David Draiman (Disturbed). The lyrics are not overly complicated and are good enough to look up and recite for their live shows to shout along with the band. "Chaotic Romance" brings the age old broken heart vice to the table without sounding like every other band that has done the same thing before them. Although not anger mosh pit worthy, it deserves head banging and horns in the air. The title track is a angry, alcohol fueled track that slightly hits a Nickelback influence, but only lyrics-wise and not the music. Very good track, but it seems a little boxed in sound wise as the riffs don't really venture out too far. "Needy Bitch" is the heaviest track on the album with pounding bass in the beginning and comes up occasionally throughout the song. It comes at a cross of Theory Of A Deadman and Buckcherry musically and lyrically speaking. Then with the slow, sludgy breakdown only to build right back up to the overall tempo of the song. "Million Miles Away" could possibly be another radio single by a soaring ballad with awesome, well written lyrics that capture the listeners ears. However, it just doesn't seem to last long enough to throughly enjoy. "Compromise" is a song that is of a lighter tone than the rest of the album while keeping the same song structure. It helps throw a little more diversity in the album instead of having every single song sound the same. To wrap up the album, "One More Season" throws a sudden Tool influence into the mix by giving an almost Maynard Keenan vocal style over embracing guitars and soft drums. Then it hits back and forth between that and the standard heaviness like the rest of the album. 

Overall, the entire album flows together very nicely, although since I only reviewed the demo tracks and not the final mastered versions, there were several songs where one part of a song (mainly the bass) will overcome the other parts and set them in the back burner behind whatever happened to stand out. I know that these guys will have no problem getting air time with radio stations across the US and I have no doubt that they will someday headline some stadiums in the future. Buy this album when it comes out and you will not be disappointed.

For fans of: Godsmack, P.O.D., Theory Of A Deadman

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