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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Interview: Trey of From Tomorrow

Interview @ 4/10/2011
"Like" From Tomorrow here: http://www.facebook.com/fromtomorrowband

From Tomorrow is definitely a band to look out for in the near future. They bring a destructive blend of Cancer Bats and Attack Attack! to the table with unrelenting force. Personally, I really dig this band and would suggest them to anyone that's reading this. Go buy yourself a copy of their latest album The Fear Of Forever Off of their Bandcamp site (listed below). To find out where they currently stand in the progress of their new album, I decided to contact Trey (2nd from left in above picture) for this interview:

1. So how did you guys meet? What's the story behind the name From Tomorrow?

T: I met Matt a long time ago in middle school and we ended up being best friends later on. We were both fans of Josh's old band, which is how we got to know Tyler (even though I went to high school with him) because we always saw him at shows. We picked up James through a friend that recorded our first CD and we picked up Alan from another band.

2. Do you guys have any releases out/coming up?

T: We are currently working on new material. We have three or four songs ready, but have not been in the studio.

3. What is the message that you are trying to send with your music?

T: I don't write the lyrics, so I can't speak for Tyler...but I just want people to know that not all people who believe in God are so judgmental and hypocritical. So many people get turned off from God because of crazy people. 

4. What bands have you shared the stage with? What bands would you like to play with?
T: The list is way too long, but some mentionables are Alesana, Asking Alexandria, In This Moment, In Fear and Faith, From First to Last, Memphis May Fire, A Plea for Purging, Sent By Ravens and many, many more.

We also played the Charlotte date of Warped Tour in 2009 with UnderOath, The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!, A Day to Remember and several others.

5. Random question - What is your guys’ favorite movie?

T: So hard to say! I'd have to take a vote with the band or something haha. I think most of us could agree on The Lost Boys as a good movie.

6. Tell people about your next show (or tour) and why we should be there.

T: Our next show is at GroundZero in Spartanburg, SC on April 29th. It is a benefit for our friend Luke Holliday of Chivalry who recently died in a tragic car accident. The proceeds will go to Luke's family for funeral and hospital costs. It's a good cause and it will definitely be a good time and a celebration of his memory. Everyone should come out! Also, May 3rd we are playing with Arsonists Get All the Girls, A Plea for Purging and more in Greenville, SC!

7. What bands have inspired you guys to come together and play?

T: Deftones would probably be someone that everyone in the band could agree on.

8. Ah yes another excellent Sacramento band :) What has been your biggest challenge as a band so far?

T: MONEY!!! We are broke!

9. Do any of you have any other projects you would like the fans to know about?

T: None of us are currently doing any other musical projects.

10. What was your first song together? Do you guys play any covers?

T: The first ever From Tomorrow song was "Endless Ocean" off of the Hell or High Water CD. I think the first song written with our current line-up was "Bill Brasky." We don't currently play any covers, but we're talking about playing one.

11. Any shout outs you want to give?

T: We want to give a shout out to all of our friends, family and fans! Jamie the Skynub, Richard and Tammy Cox, Krazy Kyle, Mick Minchow @ GroundZero, Clint Owens, Embracing Goodbye, Chivalry, Set Apart...just to name a FEW! If you weren't mentioned, it doesn't mean you're not appreciated! It's 7am and I haven't been to sleep yet so don't kill me if I forgot you!

12. Any last words for your fans and other people who haven't heard you yet?

T: Everything is because of you guys and everything we will have is because of you guys! Please continue to support us, local music and metal in general. We can't thank our friends, family and fans enough! To those who haven't heard us, you can download our album at a "name your price" option @ www.fromtomorrowband.bandcamp.com ...check us out and let us know what you think @www.facebook.com/fromtomorrowband ...thanks so much, everyone!

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