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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Interview: Thomas of Undefined

Interview @ 4/10/2011

If you're open minded to a political-based metal band from Brazil (or a fan of Puya or Sepultura), then go check out Undefined. I decided to talk with Thomas (center in above picture) and see exactly what motivates them into making their music.

1. So tell people who don't know about you guys a little about Undefined.
T: We are a  metal/experimental band from Brazil. We´ve been together for two years now and we´ll be releasing our new cd in May. Huge changes will come!

2. Whats the meaning behind the name Undefined?

   T: Since the beginning, we did not want be restricted by any kind of metal genre. We wanted to make a sound that was heavy with a lot of influences: from samba to jazz, classical music, etc.

3. What are some of your musical influences?

   T: Each member has its own preference. Me (Thomas, vocals and guitars), I love metalcore, death and thrash metal; classical music, jazz and bossa nova too. I am also into some eletronic stuff, punk rock/hardcore music and almost all styles that have the word "rock' on it.

4. I noticed when looking at your Tumblr (http://undefinedonline.tumblr.com/) that you're very much into politics. Is politics the main source of your lyrical content as well?
    T: Yes,and I´m glad that you´ve touched this point. All lyrics have political content. I try to write them in a way that they are not so easy to decifer because it´s way to make people think. It´s not a poetry if you ask, but it´s something between a political pamphlet and poetry.

5. If you could play a dream show, what other bands would you perform alongside by?

T: Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Metallica.

6. Is there any upcoming albums?

T: Yes, there is. we´ll release our new album on may. we´ll let people download some song from our website and it´ll be available for buying from our website too.

7. Do any of you have any other projects you want fans to know about?

T: For now, no.

8. What advice can you give to people wanting to form their own bands?

T: Never give up. I think Undefined is my sixth band. I never stopped dreaming of having a band . I think that´s what´s all about.

9. Any last words you want to give to your fans?

T: Thanks very much for this space you made available for us (fridayreviews.blogspot.com). We would also want to thank everyone that supports us around the world.

*Bring forth the revolucion*

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