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Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Get Shot! - Keepin' It Sleazy (2011)

Band: Get Shot!
Release: Keepin' It Sleazy
Genre: Punk/Rock N Roll
Members: J.P., Steele, Noodle, Scott & Cheryl
Label: Self-Released
Buy Here: *Not available till May 20th*

1. Riot!
2. I'm Not Staying Sober Tonight
3. Steal Yr Girlfriend
4. Trouble
5. Tommy Tag Team
6. Bestfriend
7. Cum On You
8. Stealing Underwear
9. Get Shot!
10. Hurry Up Girl!

Review: 9.0/10
Standout Tracks: Tommy Tag Team, I'm Not Staying Sober Tonight, Trouble
Slut punk is the term Get Shot! uses to describe their blend of sexual and suggestive lyrics, energetic stage persona and the musical blend of punk and rock n roll. Not very many punk bands of today will align themselves with the long gone genre of rock n roll but as these guys prove, its not dead just yet.
To start off, "Riot!" brings back the rawness of rock n roll with punk attitude and the "whoas" that remind me of The Misfits. I'm not too sure if the official released mastered version will sound the same as what the band gave me, but I do admire the unpolished quality that is very reminiscent of old 70's and 80's punk albums and demos that I've listened to over the years. "I'm Not Staying Sober Tonight" might just be the asshole anthem of the 21st century (and my new favorite punk song). Working all day to come home to your girl giving you lip is a call to get drunk, get in a fight and go to jail just cause you can. "Trouble" can potentially be their radio hit and, just maybe, a music video (Hey J.P.! Hint Hint!!). A sexy guitar solo thrown in also helps out my case. Just listen to the song when it is released and you will know exactly what I'm talking about. "Tommy Tag Team" has an... interesting intro that will definitely give the album the parental advisory sticker that's proven to sell more than albums without the sticker. "Tommy's getting horny, Tommy wants to fuck you" pretty much sums up the song by giving what goes on in a nymphomaniac's (or sexually deprived person's) mind. "Cum On You" is a short but sweet track that I can see being a live staple that will whip the fans in a orgy orgy... I mean frenzy. "Get Shot!" is a party song to play while knocking back some Pabst Blue Ribbon, banging your head and shooting targets in the backyard with a .32 rifle as it brings a AC/DC sort of feel to the rest of the album. To wrap up the album, "Hurry Up Girl!" again brings the AC/DC feel by telling that one drunk girl at the party that has her tits out to finish what she started and to not take her time with doing so. Let's just hope that the girl you take home tonight while listening to this album won't regret it and only have bad memories when she listens to the music of Get Shot! 
Don't miss the album release show on 5/20/2011 w/ Dungeons & Drag Queens, Drastic Actions, The Stalking Distance @ Distillery in Sacramento, CA @ 10pm $8 or $5 if you dress up as a Rock Star or Porn Star 21+
Bring a "friend" ;)

For Fans Of: The Misfits, D.O.A., AC/DC

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