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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Interview: Cory & Tahm of Troubled Coast

From left to right: Cory (Guitar/Backing Vox), Brandon (Guitar), Randy (Bass), Tahm (Drums/Backing Vox), & Mile (Vox)

Interview @ 4/3/2011

Having just released their new album "Letters" on Creator-Destructor Records, Troubled Coast is bringing poetry and raw energy to the post-hardcore/pop punk genre few bands have tried at and succeeded. To understand them a little bit better and where they draw their influence from (Hint: it's Thrice), we decided to have this interview for the fans. For the album review, click HERE

1. So when did you form your band? How did you all meet?
(Cory)We started writing the beginnings of our first album in Spring of 2009. The line-up has changed a couple times since then, but our current group of dudes has kinda known each other for a while. Me and Tahm have been friends since early high school. We all knew each other from previous bands and seeing each other at shows, back when there was a scene.
2. What decides that the time is right to go into the studio to record an album? Or is is an ongoing process?
(Cory) Tahm writes most of the material, and when we get a good number of songs fine tuned, we start preparing for recording.
3. Tell the readers a little about your new album Letters and the overall message of the album.
(Tahm) Letters is a mix of a bunch of different influences. It combines all of the styles of music we like to play into one album. 
(Cory) Musically, we definitely spent a lot more time molding our sound into something we could be proud of. As for the message, I think we just want people to take what they want from each song, and the album as a whole.
4. It certainly was a fresh, new sound and familiar at the same time. I feel that is the perfect blend for anyone that listens to music to experience. So what idols do you bring your influence from?
(Tahm) The dudes from Thrice, Dallas Green (City And Colour), Arizona Iced Tea, Aaron Weiss (mewithoutYou), BTBAM, Spiderman, Master Chief.
(Cory) Thrice. As Cities Burn. The Chariot. Maps And Atlases and all the Seattle math rock.
5. Imagine you're at a concert and a member of a band gets abducted by aliens right before they go up. They ask you to fill in. What band would that be?
(Tahm) Thrice or BTBAM.
(Cory) Thrice.
6. If you could play on your dream tour, what bands would be on it?
(Tahm) Thrice, Alexisonfire, Millencolin, Moving Mountains.
(Cory) Thrice, As Cities Burn, Incubus, Gwar, John Mayer, Defeater, The Chariot, Tegan and Sara, us, and Thrice again. In that order. We would tour the world twice.
7. Ah, seems like Thrice would definitely be your biggest influence musically. I mean, who honestly doesn't like them? What would you say was your biggest challenge as a band?
(Tahm) Not rushing into things. We haven’t been around long enough to deal with too many problems.
(Cory) Balancing a band with the other aspects of our life.
8. So far, what are your favorite venues and cities to play in? Favorite covers to play live (if applicable)?
(Cory) We play at Submission in SF a bunch, and that’s always a good time. CYC in Fresno is great also. We definitely need to play more covers live. They’re so fun.
(Tahm) The Quesadilla Factory in Centralia, Washington. So good.
9. What is your strangest gig?
(Tahm) When nobody showed up to our show in Grants Pass, OR.
(Cory) Yeah, the only people there were the bands and the venue owner. And two dudes that showed up to check on their band’s upcoming show.
10. Yeah I can only imagine what that must have felt like. But it's only because they don't know you guys just yet haha. What was your first song as a band?
(Tahm) Chasing Windmills.
(Cory) A straightedge song in a band with 1 straightedge member.
11. Any shout outs you would like to give?
(Cory) James Phillips. We love you and thanks for helping us so much in the studio. Thank you Seahaven for a sweet tour/vacation. Thank you Elise for lending your amazing voice to this album.
(Tahm) Hi Mom. Thanks for always believing in me.
12. Any last words for your fans, cats and iguanas of the world?
(Cory) Listen to Lagwagon.
(Tahm) Thanks to anyone who has listened to our album, bought any merch, or came to our shows. We appreciate you guys.
(Cory) Ditto. We don’t make any money off of this, so we love to see people enjoying our band. It keeps us going.

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