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Friday, May 13, 2011

Interview: Carcery's Vale

Interview @ 5/13/2011

I have followed CV ever since I saw them live at Club Retro a number of years ago (I think it was battle of the bands I don't remember). They are on the verge of blowing up any time now, they just need some more exposure. So I hit them up for this interview for people to read and get to know CV a little better and to promote their upcoming EP.

So when did Carcery's Vale first get together and start playing music? What's the meaning behind the name?
CV formed August 8th, 2008. We are coming up on our third year as a band.  We got the name 'Carcerys Vale' from a book series that all of us really liked called 'The Demonata' by Darren Shan. Great series! Carcerys Vale was the village the main character lived in. There were no bands we were in before CV was started. We started it as a hobby and something to do for fun, but it has evolved into something we never thought it would.

So I saw you guys play at last years Warped Tour. After you played there, did anything change for you guys? Did you guys get more recognition from Warped?
Warped Tour gained us a lot more fans and it was one of the biggest crowds we had played in front. It was an awesome experience and we are hoping to make it on this year again!

What's been your favorite show you've played so far? Any strange gigs you've played so far?
Thanks for everything man! Our favorite shows we played so far have been Rocking Roots, Warped Tour, Crest Theatre, this 9/11 show we played at Club Retro and the recent ones have been fun. The weirdest show we've played was probably in Marysville, CA for this girls birthday. It was at the top of a three story library and there was like a dance party in the basement

So you guys just finished up with a new EP if i'm not mistaken. What's the name of it and when will it be released? What message are you trying to give in this EP?
The name still hasn't been decided, we are trying to make it catch on. We are looking to master the tracks and release it early next month. The message is basically to have fun, live your life for yourself and nobody else, and to always be watching your back because people are SHADY. People will always be shady. We didn't want a dark feel on this EP like 'Fears' gave off. It's more catchy and uplifting. Our new album is a mix of all different styles of music from rock and roll to pop to metal to southern upbeat hardcore shit we’re kinda flirting with the boundaries on what styles one band can use. Our lyrics are about living life to the fullest and rising above your demons and staying positive and keeping your real friends close along the ride of life.

What bands do you guys look up to and draw your influence from to incorporate into your playing style? Do you play any covers live?
We have yet to play any covers live. And honestly, too many bands to name! We like to listen to all kinds of music, acoustic, metal, death metal, rap, anything. and it all comes together for what we write as a band. Also, with this new EP we wanted to listen to a lot less of our genre during the writing process so we didn't accidentally copy any breakdowns or riffs, because that can easily happen.

What bands would you like to tour with in the near future?
Some awesome bands to tour with would be A Day to Remember, BMTH, The Devil Wears Prada, basically any top notch band in the genre right now because the venues would be  JAM PACKED! We love playing with all bands music is something to be supported by everyone bands need to support other bands it doesn't really matter who we play with. We wanna come out and rock with our friends and far as we’re concerned everyone’s our friends.

What comes first when writing? The lyrics or the music?
The music always comes first in our band, then Jeremiah writes the lyrics to the mood the song gives off.

Where do you see yourselves in about 5 years from now?
Two things realistically. Either in 5 years we will be a National touring band making a career out of this or we will have to give it up eventually and we will probably be working day jobs and going to school. Let's hope for the first one though :)

What was your first song?
Our first song we ever wrote was a terrible (we thought it was the shit) song called "Lights, Camera, Slaughter!"

Tell the fans about your upcoming shows and what they're missing out on.
The fans neeeeed to come out to our next show in Rocklin at Studio 21. Tickets are only five dollars and the show is on May 13th. What fans miss out on our shows is an original rock and roll live experience. we jump all over the place, we grab kids by the skulls, we shred for the girls, we wanna have everyone moving the whole time so we love getting fans involved and having fun and enjoying our music. That's what it’s about is them getting a place to release all frustrations and leave our show with a smile on their face

Any shout outs you want to give?
Shout out to our best friends and management : Tommy Bauer, Steve Villar, and Matt Oliver! And of course our badass producer Zac Z Rokk Diebels! Who helped us create a kickass 6 song EP, with crushing quality :)

Any last words for the fans?
The fans have always been amazing to us. You either love CV or hate us, and for the ones who have stuck it out, keep holding on tight because we are almost there. Your support is so amazing and we wouldn't be ANYTHING without you all. Love, CV.

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