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Friday, May 13, 2011

Interview: Unto Acheron

Interview @ 5/12/2011

These guys hit me up out of the blue to review their self titled album just recently released. I haven't really had the time to write it yet, so I hit them up for an interview to get to know them better, where they stand on the local music scene, and what they also do to help out other local bands.

RB: So tell your fans a little bit about Unto Acheron. How did you guys meet? What other bands did you play in before?

Blaine: UA started back in late 2009, I had just gotten kicked out of a band I was in called Death of Athena. Brett asked me to join, but for whatever reason I told him I wasn’t ready to be in a band, but sure enough haha he got me in.
Eli: Well, I met Brett before Unto Acheron was a full band because we were in a band together. He asked me to play drums for his band. I was in a bunch of high school jam bands that only played a few shows, none of which were as serious as UA.
Brett: I started the band around August 2009. It was just me pretty much doing a side-project. I was in a band with Eli at the time called Behold The Torrent and was friends with Blaine. I asked them to join my side-project (Behold The Torrent was walking the plank essentially) and they eventually agreed to hop on board.

What is the meaning of the band name?

Eli: From my understanding; in Greek mythology, it's the river that transfers lost souls to the underworld where Hades awaits them.
Brett: In Greek mythology, it is the river across which Cheron, the ferryman, ferries dead souls into the underworld. I came up with the name "Unto Acheron" because we are all heading towards that end, so we might as well make the best of life as it is.
Blaine: Well, from what I know, Acheron, in mythology, was referred to as the river of pain and was one of 5 rivers that flowed through Hades.

What are your biggest musical influences?

Brett: I'm influenced by a lot of things. In all honesty, what really ushered in my appreciation for music was Marc Anthony and Crossfade. In metal, I'd have to say Nile and God Forbid.
Blaine: My biggest influence in music would have to be bands like Pantera and Queen, haha yeah. Odd combo.
Eli: I would have to say my friends, because I've found out about very few bands that I like on my own, and my friends usually turn me on to all sorts of music. Plus, I'm open-minded, so that helps too.

What is the overall message of your new self titled album?

Blaine: hsufjshfusiofgausijkdfansduafhsjdaso
Eli: There is a mutual agreement that we all want the album to present itself as grand and epic, essentially all that greek mythology is made out to be already.
Brett: It's questions like these when we need Ken haha. Really though, musically, the album can be perceived as epic, grand. Lyrically, it is equally larger than life. Ken speaks of positive outlooks, love lost, and everything inbetween.  Our album's ingredients are similar to what a Greek tale would give you haha.
How was the writing process for the album? Did the music and lyrics all come within a short amount of time or was it an ongoing process?

Brett: A lot of the groundwork for the songs that are on our album were laid out before we even had a full lineup. We were tight musically but needed something extra. Then we gained the missing link to our chain. Ken completely turned the songs upside down with his vocal style and structure.
Blaine: We made changes to a lot of songs over time.
Eli: No comment. haha Greekcore bitch!

If you could tour with 4 other bands, who would they be? 

Blaine: Wretched(old lineup), Within Ruins, Salt The Wound, All Shall Perish
Eli: Job For A Cowboy, All Shall Perish, All That Remains, and As I Lay Dying
Brett: I'd have to say Job For A Cowboy, Oceano, Fallen Figure, As Blood Runs Black, and Carnifex.

What are some of your favorite venues and cities that you guys like to perform in? What songs do you like to play the most live? Any covers? 

Eli: Any city that accepts our music is a favorite of mine. I personally enjoy playing "The Rise Of Ares" most because it sets the mood just right. Covers? No.
Blaine: So far I love McAllen and Pasadena, cant wait to play different cities. And we definitely don’t play covers.
Brett: MCALLEN. It HAS to be the place where I should've been born haha. The scene down there is amazing. I personally love playing "Pearls From Persephone" live. It definitely shows the direction we're going in more than the other songs. And we don't play covers. Never have.

Where do you see Unto Acheron in about 5 years from now? 

Blaine: Signed to a major record label most definitely. 
Eli: Hopefully on the road and signed, playing shows all the time.
Brett: I'm thinking signed and touring. Even if we're broke as fuck, that's where we want to be. We have a lot of potential I think. We're a diamond in the rough that's just thirsting to be discovered.

Do you guys have have any shows coming up? If so, tell your fans about them and why they should be there. 

Brett: We have one May 27th at Dad's venue in Lewisville, TX. It's going to be a badass show. Tickets are $10 and it starts at 7pm. ANYONE in the DFW area should haul ass to get there!
Blaine: We have a show coming up at Dad's Venue out in Lewisville, TX on May 27, so come and get crunk with us.
Eli: Yes, May 27th at a local spot called Dad's Venue. It should be cozy.

What influence do each of you have that the rest of the band doesn't share and what common ground do you all stand upon? 

Blaine: Um haha my love for Pantera is something we don’t share haha, but we all definitely share the love of the music we write.
Eli: We all have metal influences, but we are all so very different and I think it helps out in the long run because when people are too alike, it gets kind of boring.
Brett: I think my love for Michael Jackson might be a lonely one, but as far as metal is concerned, we're pretty parellel with our interests.

Do you guys have any other projects you want your fans to know about? 

Eli: Yes, Decimator Magazine, a Magazine that we're working on to showcase local talent, mostly metal and that sort of thing.
Blaine: My photography project should get checked out haha. B. Mathis Photography
Brett: All 3 of us run Decimator Magazine, a local magazine trying to showcase local bands in the Death Metal and -core genres, and also trying to build the scene here because it seems extremely exhausted. I also do graphic design work for local bands.

What advice can you give other people wanting to start up their own bands? 

Brett: Just do it. Don't let someone tell you that you can't. Don't be ashamed of your music, ever. Strive to be better, and you will be.
Blaine: Just go for it, take pride in your music, but don’t have so much pride to where you won't take any opinions on your music.
Eli: Have fun with the people you play with, your instrument... The rest will fall into place.

Any shoutouts you want to give? 

Blaine: Just to everyone who gave our music a chance and became a fan. It means so much to us.
Eli: To anyone who has taken the time to listen to our music, I thank you very much and hope to see you at a show 'cause we need all the support we can get. If you can't make it to a show, then spread the word!
Brett: Where to begin? People who have helped us with rides, with money, with gas, anyone who bought our album... fuck. Chuy, Paloma, Kristen, Kirsten, Abel, Chris, Teresa, Grace, Diana, Brittany, Yessenia, Chase, Pete, Crystal, James from Skillman, The Brattains from Dad's Venue, Sadie, Anthony, Obie.... the list goes on and on. I KNOW I didn't name everyone. If I skipped you just hit us up on Facebook and we'll post that shit!

Any last words for your fans and people who haven't heard your music yet? 

Blaine: Give it a listen, it definitely will not disappoint you.
Eli: Listen to our jams, tell a friends about us, and help support all the local metal bands in your area. Oh, and come talk to us if you're into our music. We love to meet new people at shows and online. It really encourages us to step our game up. We're not only musicians, but we're also entertainers.
Brett: Listen to us. I promise you, you won't walk away without something. Keep an eye on us, tell your friends, spread the word PLEASE because there's a LOT of stuff coming from us. I so so SO wish I could talk about it, but you'll just have to wait and see.

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