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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interview: Elliot Coleman (Of Legends, Of Man Not Of Machine, Sky Eats Airplane)

Interview @ 5/5/2011
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Check out the Elliot Coleman and Zack Ordway soul/R&B songs here: http://soundcloud.com/elliotcoleman/sets/elliot-zack-songs/

Elliot Coleman is one of those guys you heard about now, but in about a year or two from now will be an epic driving figure in the music scene. I first heard about him when a friend of mine gave me some myspace rips of OMNOM and to this day I listen to the songs Snow Angel and Absence of Air on a daily basis. After doing my homework I found that not only was he added on to Sky Eats Airplane on the “Sounds Of Symmetry EP,” but also for Of Legends as the current bassist. If that wasn’t enough for your earholes, he also has a very promising soul-inspired side project with SEA and Of Legends bandmate Zack Ordway jokingly called Zelliack. People need to check out this guys work. You will be sorry if you don’t.

RB: So how did you end up in Of Legends? How long have you known Luis and were you on the Doomsday EP?

EC: Well, I had met Luis only about two or three times prior to me joining his band when he came out to a few SEA shows in Texas, he's know Lee and Zack for awhile. Our last SEA show was played without a singer, we decided we would just have a bunch of our friends from other bands help us through the set by selecting a song they wanted to do, Luis did "Disconnected". Luis already had planned to record his metal album not long after that, he hired Travis to play drums on it. Seeing that our band (SEA) was wasn't really doing anything anymore, so he asked us if we'd like to join Of Legends. I wasn't on the Doomsday EP, I wasn't on the "Stranded" album either, I joined after it's completion. Luis wrote and played all of the instruments himself for the entire album, except for Travis who took the drum parts that Luis originally wrote and "Orbinated" them. I'm extremely grateful to be in this band with such amazing people, and being able to continue my musical career with Zack and Travis is icing on the cake.

RB: What are your guys current plans since the tour has ended? Any new songs or shows coming up?

EC: We absolutely have plans for plenty more touring this year. The album just came out, so I wouldn't expect any new songs for a little bit.

RB: Do you ever plan on playing live or touring with Of Man Not Of Machine anytime soon? What is the meaning behind the band name?

EC: I'd love to play an OMNOM show, I don't think touring could ever realistically happen because of how much Misha and I tour, but I wouldn't rule out a show or two in our hometown. The band name, and the band itself for that matter, was Misha's idea. He had asked me to audition for Periphery years ago but I never did, we had been friends for a long time and he thought it'd be fun to have a project together. The name of man not of machine was chosen purely so the acronym would be OMNOM, pretty good marketing idea eh? Hahaha he's a clever guy.

RB: Have you guys gotten together to discuss about or write new material for OMNOM? Will there be a long awaited release soon?

EC: I was hanging out with Misha the other day, we'd love to do a official album, it just comes down to when we'd have time to do it. I'm sure it will happen at some point, but I can't truthfully say when.

RB: On your new OMNOM page you made, I noticed it doesn't list Hat Malpern or Jake Bowen. Are they no longer in the band?

EC: Matt was asked to join OMNOM back before the was in Periphery, he was still drumming for Animals as Leaders then, he was totally into the project. Jake Bowen has been a great friend of mine for many years and he said he'd play bass for us if we ever played a live show. The only members are really just Misha, Mark Holcomb (Haunted Shores) and I. Mark was originally just going to be a live member and play all the guitar parts that I wrote but wouldn't' be able to sing and play at the same time, but he's just such a good guitar player with such an amazing ear for melody that it would be a waste to not have him be a active part of the project and contribute. Right when we asked him to join we sorta went on a song-writing hiatus, so his only contributions have been on the song "Absence of Air", but he's written tons of new material that kill, very excited to work on more of his ideas in the near future.

RB: On your Soundcloud account, you listed songs you've made with Sky Eats Airplane bandmate Zack Ordway. Will this be a full functioning project or just for fun?

EC: Of Legends is top priority, but I wouldn't rule out maybe a local show here and there for the time being.

RB: Do you plan on releasing your songs with Zack Ordway at any time?

EC: While I was auditioning for SEA, Zack and I were already talking about doing Soul/R&B inspired songs, we love that style of music just as much as metal, if not more. We'd love to put out an album of that material and I can't see why that won't happen at some point.

RB: So what is the news on the Haunted Shores release coming out? Are you just one of the many singers or full time singer?

EC: Just a bunch of singers singing on a bunch of songs. I've done one so far (My the Man) but I'll do as many as they want. I'm working on Immaterial right now.

RB: So what exactly is going on with Sky Eats Airplane? You all have seemingly dropped off the map since your latest release "The Sound Of Symmetry EP" and kicked out Bryan Zimmerman as well.
EC: Haha yeah I guess we did sorta just drop off eh?

RB: Are you the new lead singer for Sky Eats Airplane now? Any new tours, releases, etc.?

EC: I'm afraid the answer to all of these questions is no.

RB: Do you have any other projects you want your fans to know about? Any chance you will be working with Killtrox and The Motherships?

EC: I'm in no way a part of Killtrox, but I absolutely love the idea, concept, and music behind it. I'm trying my hardest to learn Area Fifty done on guitar because it's easily some of the best playing I've ever seen on guitar. In case there's anybody out there who hasn't seen his play-along video and is curious, check out this link and make sure you gotta fresh pair of undies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfR-2-SOV9w

RB: In your extensive writing and performing with your million and one bands, what guitars, basses and other gear do you prefer to use? Any difference between recording and performing live?

EC: Well, I don't really play guitar live, but I love Ibanez, they're the only guitars I own, I have five Prestige models. Two RG 1527's, one RG 3550, one RG 550, and one RGA 121. I at one point also owned a RG 2550. All of the six string guitars use 11-70 gauge strings. I played through a PODX3. I honestly don't know much about bass equipment, but I do enjoy the Fender Geddy Lee signature bass. I dunno, Ampeg makes good shit haha. When I joined SEA I used the previous bass player's backline, but now that it's all been sold, I'm going to be playing bass through the worlds most convenient processor, the Axe FX Ultra.

RB: Who are your biggest musical influences? What is your inspiration to go out and play music every day?

EC: Jeff Buckley, Bjork, Sly Stone are all big vocal influences of mine. As far as overall musicians though I'd have to say that my friends are what inspire me. I'm very lucky that I get to play/write with all of my close friends who also happen to be amazing musicians.

RB: If you had to give up playing music, what would you do to stay creative?

EC: I'm not sure, probably learn how to build and fix guitars.

RB: What sort of advice can you give people trying to start their own bands?

EC: Don't stop passing out those demos, I can't tell you how many OMNOM demos I passed out.

RB: Any shout outs you want to give?

EC: Naa

RB: Any last words for your fans?

EC: Thanks for listening

*You stay classy, planet earth*

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