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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interview: Dylan of Born From The Sea

Interview @ 6/14/11
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I hit up Born From The Sea weeks ago for an interview, luckily they didn't forget all about it and sent it back :) They are a sick ass christian deathcore band from Arizona that are sure to leave a mark. They have exceptionally brutal vocals and crushing music fans of the scene would LOVE. To learn more about them, read on :)

Ridge: So what is the overall message you're trying to send with Born From The Sea? What's the meaning of the band name?

BFTS: We are here to spread a message of love and acceptance, no matter who you are/what you believe.  We hope we convey this message through our music, actions, and lyrics so that those who don’t believe in God can see that there are real people, real Christians out there.

R: Have any of you guys been in bands before BFTS? Are there any other projects you would like the fans to know about?

BFTS: Yes, Blake, Joey, and Ashur had a high school emo/post hardcore band for a couple years; they were called Victory Down.  Justin has had a few bands, and Tanner and I (Dylan) have been in a few cover projects playing at churches and events.

Ridge: What is your biggest inspiration to go out and play music everyday?

BFTS: We just really love all of the people in this scene, all of the people we come in contact with are awesome – the show goers, the promoters, and the other bands just make everything so rad.  And of course, we absolutely love playing heavy music.

Ridge: What are your musical idols?

BFTS: I (Dylan) am a huge Underoath fan.  Underoath, As I Lay Dying, and Haste the Day are the bands that first got me into this music.  We all love and have huge respect for the evangelical bands out there like For Today, Sleeping Giant, and Impending Doom as we share the same purpose.

Ridge: Is hard being a Christian band playing in a scene of mostly non-Christians? What has been your guys biggest challenge so far?

BFTS: Not really.  The scene has just as many Christian bands as there are non-Christian bands, and on top of that, most of the bands have enough respect for each other to not make a big deal about it.  Like I said, this scene is full of great people.   The biggest challenge I’d say was basically proving ourselves, working our way up the ladder.

Ridge: Are there any releases coming out soon? What is your discography? (Demos, EPs and albums)

BFTS: Our first recording was of Frogman Maui, and we released a clip of it when we launched our Myspace (lol.)  We hit JM studios after our first show and recorded Party Crasher, the first song we wrote as a full band.  We finished out 2010 playing shows and hit Hourglass Studios in Phoenix and recorded our debut EP Crowns that is now on Itunes.

Ridge: What decides that the time is right to go into the studio to record an album? Or is is an ongoing process?

BFTS: Having the funds is the most important thing.  Going out of pocket sucks so we usually make sure we have more than enough before hitting the studio.  Satisfaction with our songs is required before going in.  If one or two of us aren’t happy with a song or part, we tweak it until everyone is satisfied.

Ridge: What bands would you like to tour/play with in the future?

BFTS: We’d love to play some California and Tuscon dates.  As far as bands, we would love to play with For Today, Sleeping Giant, August Burns Red, Underoath.  I don’t know about the others but I love As I Lay Dying and I would love to play with them.

Ridge: If you guys had to give up music, what would you do to stay being creative? (I.E. hobbies and such)

BFTS: That would suck.  I would probably write some stories/poetry.

Ridge: Tell the fans about your upcoming shows and why we should be there?

BFTS: Our next show is July 15th with Greeley Estates and the Plot in You.  We will be debuting some fresh new threads as well as some new tunes!

Ridge: Random Question - What are your guys favorite movies to sit back and watch over and over again?

BFTS: The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception, Coming in America, Jurassic Park, the Goonies

Ridge: Any shout outs you want to give?

BFTS: Shout out to all our homies!  Lost in Translation, I Everlasting, This My Vendetta, Loren Battle, Cadence for Kings, Truth of Fiction, our brothers in Redeemer, and to K and Z entertainment!  (sorry if I forgot a band <3)

Ridge: Any last words for your fans and people who haven't heard about you yet?

BFTS: Thanks a ton to anyone who has given us a chance.  We love you guys!

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