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Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: Wolf Bronski- The Legend Of Wolf Bronski EP (2011)

Band: Wolf Bronski
Release: The Legend Of Wolf Bronski EP
Genre: Southern Hardcore
Members: Monty, Peter, Steven, Lee, Ricky
Label: Unsigned

1. The Legend Of Wolf Bronski
2. Goin' Down And Creeped Out!
3. Mind Over Matter (If She Doesn't Mind, Then He Doesn't Matter)
4. I Got This Number From A Bathroom Stall
5. Nihilist Fashionista

Review: 9.4/10
Wolf Bronski I heard about because I am a huge fan of The Antioch Synopsis, so when I heard the vocalist has a new project, naturally I jumped at the chance to review their new album. I thought it was another deathcore project, but I was wrong. This is brutal southern flavored hardcore that really brings the asskickery (yeah I made that up. Deal with it.)

“The Legend Of Wolf Bronski” starts off with twanging guitars that you know will bring forth mayhem. It isn’t really fast, more like really heavy and slow. Cowbell? Check. It’s unique to hear an established deathcore vocalist like Monte doing southern hardcore though. They pull it off quite nicely. The guitars aren’t too flashy, but that keeps the focus on the bass and vocals. Like I’ve pointed out in reviews before, I’m a sucker for actually hearing the bass.

“Mind Over Matter (If She Don’t Mind, Then He Don’t Matter)” is a badass track, though I must admit that the beginning starts off a little generically. But I suppose when you decide to go into southern hardcore, you will eventually play something that sounds familiar at one point or another. I know that this song in a live setting would be killer! It has the potential to move the floor in a good way.

I don’t want to give away too much of the EP, so I will stop here at 2 songs. It’s a solid, well put together EP and I hope to hear a full length soon. Maybe even see them live, even though I don’t live in Sacramento anymore.

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  1. I love that EP! Mind over Matter features guest vocals by myself, at the opening of the track and the chorus so I'm pretty partial to that song :)