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Friday, June 10, 2011

Interview: Robb of Paint Over Pictures

Interview @ 6/9/11

Paint Over Pictures is a southern metal/hardcore band that have been getting some attention recently. They just released a self titled EP and a new single Love Like A Rattlesnake (link to download it for FREE below). Nothing but greatness is in these gents future as they continue to be at the top of the ladder and play their asses off. Check out their new music video here: 

When was Paint Over Pictures formed? What other bands did you guys play in previously?

Clayton, Ryan and myself (Robb) Started writing together Aug 2007. Vocalist Bryan Williams was in After The Wake (Who were awesome!) I was in End Of Alderan from the bay area.

When writing lyrics, what topics do you guys cover?

Usually we talk about Alcohol and Drug abuse. Or shady situations all of which are true or highly exaggerated hahaha! We know the real meaning behind the lyrics, but they are written in a way to let the listener create their own meaning. Relate to it anyway you want!

Do you guys have any EPs, albums or demos?

YEAH! we have a self titled EP which is available on Itunes or you can go listen to everything at reverbnation.com/paintoverpictures We also made a music video for our song 'Love Like A Rattlesnake" which is available for free download!

Do you guys plan on touring soon? What are some of your favorite venues and cities you've played in so far?

We are pretty green when it comes to touring. We will be setting up a west coast tour for the fall! It will be our first.

What bands would you like to play/tour with? What are some of your biggest influences, either personally or that you incorporate into your playing?

We love to play with all the locals in this city! So much good music is here. We have played a lot with Havenside. They have been our boys from the beginning! We love Rock 'n Roll especially Ryan (Lead Guitarist) and I. We try and incorporate as much classic rock song structure as we can.

Do any of you have any other projects (musical or non-musical) that you want your fans to know about?

Nope. I mean we jam with other musicians in this city but for the most part none of us get too invested in other projects. Who knows though ;)

What is the meaning of the band name Paint Over Pictures?

 He Is Legend. "The Seduction" We were a band for 1 year before we decided on a name. Our Vocalist Greg fell asleep with his Ipod on and when that song came on his sub conscious took one part of a sentence and he saw it on a marquee he woke up and text it to me. I got back to him 9 hours later and said "Why the fuck not!" hahaha!

What songs do you guys like to play live? any covers at all?

We really love to play "A Lot Like Burt Reynolds" Live it’s just a lot of fun! and has a lot of energy live. HAHA! oh god covers... Ya, we don’t have a cover. Yet! It’s something we talk about every single day we constantly think of a new song to cover and we never commit to any of them. Maybe a cover album will be in the near future. Or maybe not. haha
Tell the people about your next upcoming shows and what they're missing out on your live performances.

We are playing The ACE OF SPADES JULY 16TH "Sacred City InFest" THIS SHOW WILL BE TITTIES!! 10 bands! the show is going to be nuts.. We pack a bunch! and so do all the bands on this bill.. Youll miss a great show if you pussy out ;)

What has been one stand out gig that was either awesome beyond words or really strange?

We still to this day remember our show with From First To Last.. That was one of our best performances with the best crowd response. But my personal favorite was our very first show. We got a lot of love that night. I think that’s why we are still here and still all together. We knew we had something special that night. For every amazing show though, there has been about 8 shitty ones for sure haha!

Any shout outs you want to give?

Thank you to everyone that has listened to us and have given us a chance! And to our homie bands that have given us love and support Havenside, The Scarlet Crusade, Silence Of The Grim, Awaiting The Apocalypse!

Any last words to your fans and people who want to form their own bands in the competitive Sacramento area scene?

If you love it for what it is and not what its become, you work day and night for it.. Don’t give up! your time will come one day. We are still working for ours and that’s what I believe it’s all about. Thank you everyone! With all our love and respect! - Paint Over Pictures

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