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Friday, June 10, 2011

Review: On This Day- Black Box Diaries EP (2011)

Band: On This Day
Release: Black Box Diaries EP
Genre: Metalcore/Punk
Members: Josh, Cory P., Jeremy, Calvin, Cory L.
Label: Unsigned
Buy here: N/A

1. S.O.S.
2. Well Placed Grenade
3. In Our Hands
4. The Haunting
5. Release
6. This Time (I Will Fight)

Review: 9.4/10

On This Day is a band from Winnipeg, MB, Canada, that are a hybrid of punk and hardcore with powerful singing that really mixes it up. They are set to release Black Box Diaries EP upon the scene and I have no doubt it will do well.
The intro S.O.S. starts with a call of distress before switching to a heavy breakdown. So far, thrills abound… not really. But on the next song Well Placed Grenade, they go into full force into a metalcore/punk hybrid and hoarse screaming vocals that is actually well matched, as polished vocals would have taken away some of the charm. They actually remind me slightly of a band that grew to legendary status due to their awesome live shows before disappearing. They were called Skys Of Fire from Lodi, CA. The guitars, bass, vocals and drums are perfectly mixed together and nothing is really put out in the background. It soon progresses and then you see what sets them apart. The clean singing is superb and really distinct. This is another rare example of unpolished singing that would actually be better than if it was studio polished and over produced. The breakdown in this particular song isn’t anything you haven’t heard before, but still really good and will please the average and constant hardcore listener. In Our Hands musically sounds like something Kittie would do (or has already done). That is, until it gets to the chorus and once again the singing vocals become something you will be quick to remember. On the breakdown in this song, the guitars seem to lose some of their edge, but then when you think it’s all a lost cause, a freaking guitar comes from left field and slaps your ear pussy dry. It blends perfectly into the next song The Haunting and unless you go and check, you will think it’s just a continuation of In Our Hands because it starts with the same guitar tone that In Our Hands ended with. This Time (I Will Fight) begins with a full on punk force, with overlying bass and predictable drumming, hitting with a metalcore tinged bridge before going into the yet-again awesome singing chorus.
I really liked this EP because I like that the unpolished, hoarse unclean singing fits the band very well and the clean singing really shines forth. The guitars are awesome and the solos really stand their ground. The drums kept the pace going and although at some points you can hear them out of place, it’s that rawness that wins. A drum solo or two would’ve really improved this EP, but all in all I really liked it. I wish to hear more from this band soon.

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