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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review: A Holy Ghost Revival- Keepers Of Light EP (2011)

Band: A Holy Ghost Revival
Release: Keepers Of Light EP
Genre: Metalcore/Metal
Members: Johnny, Kyle, Craig, Chadwick, Cory, Derek
Label: Unsigned

1. Measure Of Man
2. 2
3. Winds Of Intelligence
4. Keepers Of Light
5. The Dreamers Within

Review: 8.5/10
A Holy Ghost Revival is a hardcore band from Oroville, CA that blends metalcore with heavy keyboards and progressive elements. I managed to get their demo before their new album to get a better understanding of how they have matured.

The demo is pretty good. The track “Searching For The Holy Ghost” is like a metalcore song all the way throughout, but with a slight breakdown tinge that lasts the whole song. Not exactly anything I’ve heard before, so I felt that was noteworthy. “Eyes Of Gold” starts off as a pretty sweet, heavy break down, coupled with legit piano notes to give it a unique edge, then goes off into fast, pummeling drumming with larynx shredding vocals. Now on to the new EP.

“Measure Of Man” is the first track, and it’s pretty awesome. The breakdown in the beginning is kind of subpar, but the rest of the track is good. The transition between verses in this song is pulled off seamlessly, the blast beats over symphonic keys are sweet, and the breakdown in the middle of the song is killer.

“Winds Of Intelligence” is a track that I can imagine being a live show staple for AHGR. The double bass drums over subtle guitars is sure to be a crowd pleaser and get them pumped up. The keys really just give the entire track that much more life than if it didn’t have them to begin with. The guitars, although not technical or anything like that, are really good and keep it moving nice and fast, and at times give an uplifting emphasis.

“Keepers Of the Light” Is probably the mellow, but powerful track on the album. The track is heavy and the keys are more prominent here than the rest of the album. It’s also more metal tinged than hardcore, apparent in the guitars and bass throughout the track. The piano is very soft and almost soothing, even when the band kicks into gear in the beginning of the song. There are some headbanging moments as well, which isn’t too common for a hardcore band (at least, in my opinion). At one part, the keys actually sound like something straight out of a movie.

Overall, I really like the direction these guys are going in terms with their music. Their use of the keys I feel is unique and gives them an edge in the music world. I hope that they get signed soon, a full length album is much needed.

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