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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review: The Story Changes- This Is Your Moment EP (2011)

Band: The Story Changes
Release: This Is Your Moment EP
Genre: Rock
Members: Mark and Poppy
Label: Future Destination

1. Tidal Wave
2. How Long
3. Nights Collide
4. Breed (Nirvana Cover)

Review: 9.2/10
The Story Changes is a rock band from Ohio that is slowly making waves in the music scene today. I heard of them only barely before they hit me up to review their latest EP “This Is Your Moment,” and must I say I was surprised by it. I hate to say this, but I say this with the best of intentions, that they are ready to get blown up on the radio now.

Right off the bat, “Tidal Wave” is the single. It’s got retro 90’s rock written all over it and proves it’s instant timelessness. The lyrics are very catchy, the music is pulled off without a hitch, and might induce singing along and fangirls becoming obsessive over them.

“How Long” is a slower song that will woo girls all around the world. The musicianship is very tight and they put a little pop punk influence in the song without fully going into either genre. Although there’s nothing too flashy here, like I said before, they are very radio friendly. You don’t need to be the greatest technical band to be noticed in this world today.

“Breed…” yes they cover Nirvana here, and they pull it off so fucking well. They don’t change a thing and keep true to the original song. They don’t sacrifice any of the speed either and keep up to tempo. The only band I know of off the top of my head that has successfully pulled off a Nirvana cover was Machine Head.
Overall, I really like this EP, despite my hate of the radio. I know that these guys have the potential to headline stadiums all around the world someday. Sign them now, if you please.

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