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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Izeovasis- Bound By Design EP (2011)

Band: Izeovasis
Release: Bound By Design EP
Genre: Progressive Metal/Djent
Members: Jason, Nick, Jamison, Derek
Label: Unsigned

1. Already Forgotten Words
2. Because Of Me
3. Corrupted By Mistake
4. A Thousand Times More
5. Weightless

Rating: 8.3/10
Izeovasis is a band from Livermore, CA that I really haven’t heard of till they sent me their new EP Bound By Design. They play a aggressive, slightly technical metal style not unlike bands like Periphery or Sikth. Although they are nowhere near as spazztic as Sikth, they resemble them more closely than any other band I can think of.

“Already Forgotten Words” starts out as a head slammer track that has very much resembles Periphery’s song “The Walk.” Most notably the guitars have the same tone (but with a lower quality mix) and the drums blend with the guitars in the same style as well. But it’s their aggressiveness they bring that sets them apart from other bands. With the transitions between breakdown moments and the faster parts, they really know how to keep it going without losing any momentum.

“Corrupted By Mistake” is a slower but really heavy song that can bring a live set into a huge hardcore pit for the dancers. Nothing really technical like the rest of the EP, but still pretty good. They have a few transitions but they all remain in the same tempo throughout the song and doesn’t speed up. It’s a good change of pace.
“A Thousand Times More” sounds a lot like the last song, but has enough to make it stand out on its own. It has the crunchy math core sound like some of Periphery’s songs with hoarse, screeching vocals and drums that are almost on a permanent breakdown state. I would have to say this is the best track on the album, though I feel it’s way too short.

Overall this is a pretty good EP, though it needs some elbow grease and polish. I know that with the right producer these guys will turn out to be an awesome band. 

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