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Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: The Rodeo Idiot Engine- Fools Will Crush The Crown (2011)

Band: The Rodeo Idiot Engine
Release: Fools Will Crush The Crown
Genre: Sludge Hardcore
Members: Allian, Txomin Mikel, Thomas, Jerom
Label: Throatruiner Records

1. Aorta
2. Crown Of Thorns
3. Cup Of Tea
4. The Worst Secret
5. Past Acts
6. King Of Nowhere
7. Last Breath
8. 2011 Vintage
9. My Prozac World
10. Fools Have Taken The Nave
11. Discours De La Methode

Review: 7.9/10
The Rodeo Idiot Engine have released their new album Fools Will Crush The Crown through Throatruiner Records to share some very brutal music. This is the best way to get those pesky dancers out of the fucking pit. The mathcore elements is what really sets this album apart however.

“Cup Of Tea” is a sludgy track with dragging bass lines and spazztic drums that eventually find a groove at some point and really bring it home. Blast beats in the second part of the song is a little random but welcome.
“Past Acts” is my favorite song on the album. It starts out as heart stopping heaviness with haunting guitars over the music, then brings in wailing vocals with the same heaviness to bang your head to. Throatruiner made a good call on this band, because I can’t see how they could not ruin their throats.

“Last Breath” is the most musically inclined track because it doesn’t sound totally like a sludgy random mess. The vocals are a little raspy than the other songs (no wonder) and the guitar sounds much cleaner. The drums also sound more refined as well. I’m not sure if it was just better production or what.

This album wasn’t really the sort of thing I would listen to, but I can see this catching on in the underground community. Definitely something worth checking out if you aren’t scared of sludge mathcore.

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