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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: The Contagion Effect- "A Global Abortion" Single (2011)

Band: The Contagion Effect
Release: "A Global Abortion" single
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Unsigned
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheContagionEffect

1. A Global Abortion

Review: 9 /10
This is my first encounter of this band. I was highly impressed with the complexity of this band. The audio assault that was played out as soon as the track started was amazing, the tightness of the musicians all melding into the sound that is The Contagion Effect. In the likes of A Black Dahlia Murder, the music is very well executed. All the musicians are very good at what they do. The drummer is very skilled, fast and proficient, his sound is not muddied up, and all his drum strokes are very clear. Both Guitarists compliment each other, the solos and leads were fantastic, they do not fight over one another. The bass kept up with the other musicians, and actually cut through the mix, unlike alot of other death-core albums I have heard. The vocal style tended to be a little cookie cutter, much like most other Death-core style vocalists but still very talented and has a few unique tricks. So all in all very impressed with this band, a 9/10, I highly recommend this band to all Death core fans!

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