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Monday, September 12, 2011

Review: Nightmare In The Twilight- Self-Titled (2011)

Band: Nightmare In The Twilight
Release: Nightmare In The Twilight
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Independently Released

1. Chicken Sauce
2. Nothing
3. Nose To Toes Cause Rob Is A Bitch
4. Torture Me
5. Horrid Massacre
6. Life...
7. Pineapple Express
8. In Memory
9. The Young And The Restless
10. Country Music Suicide
11. Death...
12. The Ending Subject
13. Holding On

Review: 8.1/10
One thing I really notice when it comes to hardcore bands from Sacramento is the similar metalcore guitar riffs that take part in almost all of the local scene bands. Nightmare In The Twilight uses this example, but they don’t rely on it, as that is also something I see way too often. The self-titled album opener “Chicken Sauce” uses some recycled guitar riffs as mentioned earlier, but their song progression really sets this band apart from the rest. Although the beginning is forgetful, I like that they really give the guitars a lot of room to experiment their riffs and see what really sounds good. By a minute and thirty seconds into the song, it doesn’t sound anything like it’s the same song at all. I would go as far to say as this song alone could have been split into 2 different short songs.

The brutal vocals on “Nothing” are some of the best on the album. From heavy lows to shrill highs, you’re never bored. The bass and drum driven breakdowns are sick as all hell and I could see that bringing out the dancers in the pit, though I myself am not a fan of hardcore dancers. The death metal-esque riffs save this from becoming a full deathcore song.

“Torture Me” is my pick of the litter. With the nostalgic guitar opener to start off, you know it’s not going to be like anything else on the album. It’s something I have a little difficulty putting into words, I would suggest you to go to their Facebook page and listen for yourself.

Overall, this band definitely has a few kinks on working out (such as the over usage of the metalcore guitars) but a lot of people love that sort of thing. Other than that, I can see this band really going places and making a true name for themselves in the Sacramento scene.

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