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Friday, September 16, 2011

Review: Kottonmouth Kings- Sunrise Sessions (2011)

Band: Kottonmouth Kings
Release: Sunrise Sessions
Genre: Hip-Hop/Reggae/Dubstep
Label: Suburban Noize Records

1. Stonetown
2. Love Lost
3. Down 4 Life (Feat. Jared of Hed P.E.)
4. Kalifornia
5. My Garden
6. Boom Clap Sound
7. Back Home
8. She's Dangerous
9. Ganja Daze
10. Stay Stoned
11. Stoned Silly
12. Closing Time
13. Cruzin'
14. Great To Be Alive
15. Be Alright
16. Said And Done

Review: 7.9/10
By far one of the busiest groups in the music world, Kottonmouth Kings have recently dropped their 24th overall release, entitled Sunrise Sessions. It is also their first full length since original member Pakelika left the group, which was right after the previous albumLong Live The Kings. Although a lot of people, both newer fans and long-time fans of them, have voiced their opinions of The Dirtball joining, I think he's an excellent addition. Over 60 songs(!) were recorded for this album, most of them being bonus tracks in different formats and some are being saved for an EP set to be released later this year. 

Skipping the lackluster opener “Stonetown,” “Love Lost” is a pretty good track. It’s a very easygoing reggae track that has a tiny dubstep influence. While the word dubstep makes some people cringe and whine “OMG, KMK has been Skrillex-ed!” I can assure you that is not the case and the dubstep influence plays perfectly with the reggae music. As with most of KMK’s reggae tracks, it’s one that makes your head sway while bobbing to the vocal delivery of the various MC’s. Daddy X takes over the chorus and gives it an earthy vibe (if that can be done with its dubstep) and The Dirtball gives off his familiar light-speed rapping that has a unique ability to stay with the overall tempo of the track. 

Keeping up with their newfound love of dubstep influences, “Down 4 Life” is a hybrid bastard child of reggae, dubstep and hip-hop that is showing a new side of KMK. Featured on this track is Jared from Hed P.E., who are also signed to the Kottonmouth Kings-owned Suburban Noize Records, and he sounds awesome for his short time on the track. The lyrics seem to deal with their fame and partying, which is hardly new. I find it more amazing that with their extensive list of songs, they can still find brand new lines to write without sounding the least bit stale. 

As if they were influenced by The Dirtball, they all go for a fast rapping style in the beginning of “Boom Clap Sound.” It’s done quite nicely, but once Daddy X says his calming chorus line, they slow down just a bit and put a little more word emphasis to the beat. Then The Dirtball steps in and brings it back up to speed. The beat is classic KMK and reminds me of their album Royal Highness. Simple reggae and hip-hop all the way. 

Of course there is at least one (or ten) tracks proclaiming the freedom of ganja, and that’s more evident in the track “Ganja Daze,” which is a call to arms (or blunts) to smoke freely and “Exercise your ganja rights / These are the ganja daze / So everybody flex upon your ganja ways.” With only hip-hop bass hits, it’s a pure reggae track, with psychedelic guitar parts thrown in here and there for good measure. Easygoing and no spitting, making for a track that is sure to get some people sparking their lighters. 

With as many releases as KMK has, I found it surprising that they still have their edge they were gifted with, but better than ever. I can’t see these guys ever being over-saturated with their hundreds of songs, although it can pose a bit of a problem for new fans wanting to get into their music. 

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