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Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Blotted Science- The Animation Of Entomology EP (2011)

Band: Blotted Science
Release: The Animation of Entomology
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: EclecticElectric
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Blotted-Science/106052046092225

1.Ingesting Blattaria
2. Cretaceous Chasm
3. Vermicular Asphyxiation
4. A Sting Operation 
I - Human Barbequed
II - Cessation Sanitation
III - Seeing Dead People
IV - Omitting Eyes

Review: 5/5
I am extremely biased toward anything Blotted Science releases; Ron Jazombek is my favorite living guitar player, Alex Webster is my favorite bass player of all time, and they always seem to work with extremely talented individuals such as Charlie Zeleny, who was drummer for Machinations of Dementia in 2007, and Hannes Grossman, the drummer for this year’s release, The Animation of Entomology. I had extremely high expectations for this release when I first heard about it, and I am glad that the band lived up to them. 

The band intended to give the album a film-score vibe with an extreme-metal twist, and I believe they succeeded when you take into consideration the insect-horror theme they decided to go with. The animations to go along with the music have not been released yet, but I can tell by the rapid and spastic playing that it is going to mesh well with the silly and frantic thematic style to be expected from insect-based animation.
The playing is extremely clean and precise, even when going through passages of seemingly frenetic phrases at ridiculous speeds, and I believe this shows a great amount of forethought and effort was put into every note played. Hannes Grossman has some ridiculous drum passages, such as those at the beginning of Cretaceous Chasm, that make a seasoned active-listener to progressive metal and jazz say to myself “what the fuck?” and “oh shit!” and the entire album is full of insanely crazy guitar and bass phrases that are articulate enough to make it not sound like just a barrage of randomly played notes and interesting enough to set it all apart from your average shred wankfest. 

Anyone familiar with Ron Jarzombek and his other projects will know what to expect; there are plenty of dark passages, crazy clusters of notes, and sections that could only be inspired by the likes of Carl Stalling and Disney films. The mix is very well balanced, the effects and tones used are all amazing and none of them take away from the music and its message. As is typical with Jarzombek, every instrument is very clearly heard on each song; even during a solo-type passage or section where one stands out, none of the others are drowned out into obscurity. 

My only qualm with the album is its length, and this is only a minor problem. While I understand that writing, scoring, recording, and mixing an album of this level of complexity takes a lot of time and energy, I couldn’t help but want much more by the time the album had finished. The Animation of Entomology is only an EP, but the catchiness of the music, the flow, the production quality, and everything else about it makes me feel that it is so much more than just a few songs tossed my way to help me get over the fact that a new full-length release by blotted science won’t be around for a quite a while. I love Cannibal Corpse, I love the false sense of hope of there ever being another Watchtower release, and I am looking forward to Ron Jarzombeks DVD lessons that he has been working on for years, but I feel that the band is being a tease, much like that girl that makes out with her busty friend at a party but refuses to let anyone stick it in her gash, leaving a large group of men to suffer with blue balls for the rest of the evening. 

Regardless of that one minor problem, I still feel like this band did a thorough job scraping the uterus at the clinic when they aborted this album out of some random suburban girls cunt. In order for a suburban bitch to save face with her rich mommy and daddy so that she may keep her breast implants and her luxury sedan, the entire fetus needs to be removed; therefor I give this album a full 5 out of 5 fetal chunks!

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