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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Nirvana- Nevermind [Limited Super Deluxe Edition] Disc 4 (2011) [AKA Live At The Paramount]

Band: Nirvana
Release: Nevermind [Limited Super Deluxe Edition] Disc 4
Genre: Grunge
Label: Geffen Records

1. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (Vaselines cover) [Live]
2. Aneurysm [Live]
3. Drain You [Live]
4. School [Live]
5. Floyd The Barber [Live]
6. Smells Like Teen Spirit [Live]
7. About A Girl [Live]
8. Polly [Live]
9. Breed [Live]
10. Sliver [Live]
11. Love Buzz (Robbie van Leeuwen cover) [Live]
12. Lithium [Live]
13. Been A Son [Live]
14. Negative Creep [Live]
15. On A Plain [Live]
16. Blew [Live]
17. Rape Me [Live]
18. Territorial Pissings [Live]
19. Endless, Nameless [Live]

Review: 6/10
Finally, to wrap up the review of the deluxe edition of Nirvana’s Nevermind deluxe re-issue, we look at the fourth disc, which is the audio version of the DVD that was included with this set and also released by itself this year, entitled Live At The Paramount. This DVD is far from their best, but it does hold it’s place in Nirvana history. First off, the video portions of four songs (“About A Girl,” “Polly,” Endless, Nameless,” and “Breed”) were previously released on the excellent live compilation DVD Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!, the audio version of “Negative Creep” was released on the live compilation CD From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah, and the performance of “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam” was released on the DVD of the box set With The Lights Out. So the release of this DVD/CD is kind of a big deal.
It’s far from being the best live performance (Live At Reading already won that vote and was released not too long ago), but it’s still good. The live performance holds another piece of Nirvana history as the only live performance ever recorded of them shot on 16MM film. On the song “Aneurysm” there are a couple high pitched errors and the songs overall tempo isn’t really kept up to par throughout the song. I didn’t like this live version.

This version of “Drain You” gets a slight raw makeover, with the execution of the guitars given an impromptu feel as compared to the studio version. The mixing of the live drums clashes with the rest of the music, and Kurt’s vocals on the second chorus are a little out of tune.

“School,” on the other hand, is one of the best live versions of the song I’ve ever heard. The bass is SOOOO fucking raw and gives a whole new life into the set. Everything is done above and beyond the studio version and preserves the style they were going for. The slight guitar solos are well done and the comedown drum section that follows afterwards is good. The only gripe I have is the excessive feedback during this section. If it was only a little bit, it would be forgivable.

This version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is one of the fastest ever (even faster than the Wishkah live comp version) but Kurt misses a few guitar parts here and there. In this case, faster doesn’t always mean better. The chorus vocals sound really strained, and the bass really shines forth among the rest of the band.
The encore of the set is the last three songs, which includes an early, alternate version of “Rape Me.” By this point, Kurt’s vocals are a little grainy and takes some of the shine away from the chorus. There is a lot of feedback on the rest of the encore as well, but they really stay true to the original tempos and don’t really change too much.

Not their best live release, but certainly not their worst. For the true Nirvana fan, this is a stand out historical live performance (see above as to why that is) and is a must for a true fan’s collection.

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