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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Fury Never Fades- Demo (2011)


Band: Fury Never Fades
Release: Demo
Genre: Heavy Metal/Death Metal
Label: Unsigned

1. This Declining Hour
2. Immolate
3. Shades Of Grey
4. Perpetual Black

Review: 8.3/10
When I heard the name Fury Never Fades, I was thinking they were going to be yet another generic hardcore band. Well I sure as hell was wrong. “This Declining Hour” has a epic guitar and drum intro until they bring it down a notch and give you brutal low vocals and chugging guitars that would make any metal head proud. Though it’s not really stand out, they still do a great job. Double bass drums and guitar solo combo was also a win for me.

I would love to see “Immolate” played live. Heavy metal song writing with old school death metal influences are always welcome on my iPod. MOAR BLAST BEETS!!!! Seriously, this song is full of them. I love the song structure they stick to throughout the song and the awesome vocals. “Shades Of Grey” isn’t as impressive as the other 2 songs, but it still holds it’s own. The instruments don’t branch out as much and the vocals are slightly down tuned it seems, but it also follows a more linear song structure as compared to the other 2 tracks.

I can’t wait to hear more from this band, and I know for a fact that if the right opportunities come their way, they will garner much more attention in the metal community. Give them a listen and comment this post on what you think. Regardless of what their Facebook says, I consider them a perfect mix of heavy metal and death metal.

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