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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review: Lost Sphere Project- Third Level To Infernal Failure (2011)

Band: Lost Sphere Project
Release: Third Level To Infernal Failure
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Division Records
Purchase Album Here: http://www.divisionrecords.com/

1. Paradoxal Sights
2. Devotees
3. Post Tenebra Chao
4. Infinite Necropolis
5. Dreams Are Gone
6. Ice Mike
7. Idylliac Disaster
8. Apathy
9. Behold The Scorn
10. Vultures Of Conscience
11. Vaginal Excavation
12. Cetaceans Rippers

Review: 9/10
Lost Sphere Project is a brutal grindcore project that is the epitome of pure chaos. 12 songs in 25 minutes might throw some people off, but only those who don’t appreciate true grindcore like me. From the beginning of “Paradoxical Sights” to the end, you won’t be able to tell it’s the same song. Think of Dillinger Escape Plan, if they did brutal grindcore instead.

Spazztic, all over the place, and some sort of melody to tie it all in, this has it all. Blast beat drums, on point guitar riffs to hold your attention, grating vocals, and more. The heavy bass usage on “Devotees” brings you in, the Napalm Death-ish vocals punch you in the ovaries, and the grind onslaught of the drums drive the point across. About halfway through the song, it follows a almost progressive metal structure, which I thought was really cool.

“Dreams Are Gone” follow the grind pattern at first, but then they throw down a heavy as fuck hardcore breakdown that would make any –core fan smile. After that, they serve up a generous serving of destruction to even the playing field back up.

I really like how one second any of their songs will be pure chaos, and the next it’s following some sort of structure. Definitely one of the best grindcore releases I’ve heard all year. These guys are more deserving of exposure and attention.

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