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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: The Drizzle- The City Is Bleeding EP (2011)

Band: The Drizzle
Release: The City Is Bleeding EP
Genre: Rock/Indie
Label: Play Recordings

1. Breathe
2. City Is Bleeding
3. Cold
4. Fake Love
5. Years Of Falling

Review: 4.8/10

Well, you can’t win them all… So is the case of The Drizzle’s debut EP The City Is Bleeding. With a droning attempt at a melodic approach, they fail. All aspects actually have talent, it’s just that said talent is thrown together and sounds like a jumbled mess. The vocalist definitely should work a little bit and find his actual tone instead of switching between monotone dull singing and trying to do too much too soon. If you listen to the song “Breathe,” you can hear for yourself. Little parts of the singing sound god, but most come off as lacking.

When the vocals come out great, the instruments turn around and fuck it up, such as the case of “City Is Bleeding.” I liked the vocals and I think they would have matched a indie sort of background, not the horrible attempt at rock they tried here. The guitars are minimalistic and boring and a drum machine could do a better job. Again, the singer should really build more off of this tone and expand.

“Cold” is the first decent song on the EP. A little bit of an electronic sound is thrown in, and they achieve the indie part I was griping about in the previous song. All I can say is that this song can use a little bit fine tuning and a good producer and they can go places.

All in all, not a very impressive EP. Though I will keep my eye open for their future projects because over time they might make a comeback worthy of a good score.

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