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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: Æther Realm- Odin Will Provide Demo (2011)

Band: Aether Realm
Release: Odin Will Provide Demo
Genre: Power Metal/Death Metal
Label: Unsigned

1. Ravensong
2. Odin Will Provide

Review: 8.8/10

Aether Realm was a surprising twist of events for me. I was expecting standard power metal, but I was wrong. Sure there’s awesome power metal to be had here, but this is coupled with growling vocals and blast beats to please any brutal music lover. With their use of orchestral arrangements, they are sure they show you what they are doing on this demo with the first track “Ravensong.” Full of power riffs, excellent transitions, this has it all. Death metal-like vocals is mixed with slight black metal tone proves a unique and stand out experience over other like minded bands. Awesome lighting fast guitar riffs in the solo and on the point drumming gives this track life.

Folk metal has never sounded better than this band. To be honest, I was never into the genre at all. But this band has changed that for me. With battle charged lyrics, “Odin Will Provide” is the call to bludgeon your enemies, at least that’s what I felt like doing. This sounds like a band that’s been around for over a decade, though to the best of my knowledge have only been around for a short time. May I call this folk death metal? Cause I just did.

Seriously, these guys are overdue to be signed. They’re onto something here, and people need to take notice. Give them a try and judge for yourself.

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