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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review: Escalon - As Oceans Dry and Mountains Fade EP (2011)

Band: Escalon
Release: As Oceans Dry And Mountains Fade EP
Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore/Deathcore
Label: Unsigned 

1. Purple Flowers
3. As Oceans Dry And Mountains Fade
4. Illusion Of Control

Review: 7.5/10
Escalon is a unique band in the over populated hardcore capital of the world, Sacramento, CA. They have a blend of old school and new school hardcore, along with metalcore bridges, post-hardcore choruses and deathcore influences that really prove their worth, starting with the track “Purple Flowers.” After a lengthy scream, they break out into simple metalcore verses over post-hardcore singing. All in all, it’s not really anything stand out, but it derives a classic new school hardcore feeling that Sacramento used to have hundreds of, but nowadays there isn’t much of.

My favorite song off of this EP is the song “As Oceans Dry and Mountains Fade.” Pure, nostalgic metalcore with post-hardcore musical elements thrown here and there. Heavy and brutal breakdowns is how I like my music, and it’s pulled off quite nicely. The whole song is pretty much built off of different variations of metalcore and hardcore breakdowns, not really something you see much of these days. “Illusion Of Control” builds off of this same premise by continuing the same influences as the last song. It’s a little bit repetitive, but the brutal lows that are more exhibited here are awesome.

Overall, this is a decent EP, but I know that they will have much better things to show us in the future. These are only the beginnings of a band that I know will become a household name in the hardcore music scene. Go buy their EP off of iTunes now!!!

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