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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Alighieri- Moths EP (2011)

Band: Alighieri
Release: Moths EP
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Unsigned

1. The Atmosphere Between
2. Nights
3. Isolating The Moth
4. Atlas Mourned
5. Transparent and White
6. Cessation Of Parallels

Review: 7.8/10

Alighieri is a band I’ve been following closely ever since I saw their excellent live performance opening for Arsonists Get All The Girls and Attila years ago. Very heavy, unrelenting deathcore shines forth, but the Moths EP is not near as good as Serving The Recession EP. They had a faster and original edge that is almost completely lost here.

The initial track “The Atmosphere Between” has a doomy, end of the world feeling intro to start off, then heads into double bass pedal driven deathcore with the occasional blast beats and brutal low vocals that hold their own in the deathcore community. The screams, however, kind of kills the song for me. They opted instead for a slower feel that really makes me miss the old Alighieri.

The re-recorded of “Atlas Mourned” (bringing that total to three versions since the first version and demo are both on Serving The Recession) is admittedly better than the original. Being the only track that I thought had no hope on their previous EP, I’m very surprised that they would put the time and effort into re-recording this. The guitars have much more life in the song as compared to the underlying guitars on the original version. It also shows the vocalist being more adventurous than before with his vocals, making this 50/50.

The lat track, “Cessation of Parallels,” is a good ending for the average listener. I can only see people getting into this band if it was the first thing it thought of after a coma. I only wish the singer was much more projective with his voice instead of having it blend with the music. The screams really grate on a person’s nerves after a while, I would rather hear him sing the entire song in a deeper tone instead of hearing those screams. Not too bad of an album, I would suggest this.

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