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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Silence The Feedback- No Flow EP (2011)

Band: Silence The Feedback
Release: No Flow EP
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Unsigned

1. I Bleed
2. Within These Arms
3. Hole
4. Structures
5. Crash Course
6. Time

Review: 2.3/10

Silence The Feedback is a hard rock band from New York. The lack of originality is astounding here. No Flow EP is one of the most boring albums I’ve heard all year. With the garbage music and the run of the mill lyrics, I can only compare them to a mix of Rage Against The Machine, Seether and [Insert name of one hit wonder early 2000’s metal band here] with all talent squeezed out.

The beginning has a promising industrial-like intro, but it spends to mediocre by the book metal where they re0use the same riffs over and over and over again, trying to get them to be a catchy radio riff. This sounds like one of those small town rock bands that try to make it big by using rehashed material. The guitar solo is decent, but by no means impressive. The rhythm guitar is the lamest thing on this song, having no type of virtuosity whatsoever. “I bleed you / bleed me slow / yeah yeah yeah yeah” is the hook to this song. You see where I’m going with this?

In a weird attempt to emulate earlier CKY with some Seether mixing up the pot, “Hole” delivers. Using a certain fuzzy bass tone that has helped make CKY’s sound instantly recognizable, this song screams rip off all over. Chock full of open chord filler material and trying-to-hard singing, I was really disappointed by this. They shamelessly link random generic bridge 1-chorus-bridge 2-chorus-bridge 1 material and Alice In Chains-ish background wails gives away to a clap build up that not even twelve year olds would be entertained by spell the doom for this EP. The song is about someone losing themselves and becoming their own worst enemy, these are lyrics that had been done all before. There is no sense of originality and personal experience felt through the emotions of the singer.

The song “Crash Course” sounds like a run of the mill Burnout video game soundtrack song that never made it to the game. What I mean by that is, again, the lack of originality, is felt through the singers bland voice and the instruments aimless chugging that almost put me to sleep. Quite possibly the worst track on the album. “Were on a crash course to heaven” suggests the mediocrity.

This is just crap. Not worth your time, unless you’re a cigarillo smoking brainless jock. Have fun committing ear suicide.

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