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Monday, February 13, 2012

Review: The Shark's Megabyte- Lame Life EP (2012)

Band: The Shark's Megabyte
Release: Lame Life EP
Genre: Nintendocore
Label: Swimming With Sharks Records

1. Intro
2. F
3. U
4. C
5. K
6. I
7. T
8. Outro

Review: 7/10
Not many people are fans of Nintendo-core (or NEScore for short) and that’s understandable. Using synthesized instruments and different sounds that would come straight out of a video game isn’t most people’s forte. But to the ones out there that do actively look for this genre of music, Lame Life EP is one you don’t want to pass up.

The Shark’s Megabyte is a band by Rob, AKA Whatthekatdraggedin. Having recently been signed to Swimming With Sharks Records, this is deemed to be the “last solo release,” as Rob is hiring a full band after this. With an intro, outro, and six single letter songs that spell fuck it, it’s a short but sweet release.

Chock full of synth guitar breakdowns with chiptune sounds to give that NES feel, “Intro” is a good way to tell what the EP is all about. I think that if extended to a full legitimate song, it has boss battle theme music capabilities. “F” doesn’t deviate too much from what the intro shows you. It has plenty of breakdowns that are tied together by loosely related bridges.

One thing is that NEScore isn’t designed to be fancy and technical. It’s a form of minimalistic music that appeals to only a very few people. “U” is a stand out track though. It’s got a bit of a groove that falls into heavy breakdowns that I can really see being played live and watching people in the pit go nuts. The tone of the song lightens with the soft edged chip sounds over the heavy and fast drums that just don’t stop.

This pretty much sums up the EP. There isn’t too much deviation from the heavy breakdowns, softer chiptune sounds, and the absence of vocals. If you are open-minded, then give NEScore a shot by downloading the entire album for free: http://www.mediafire.com/?ibtbm3jbmc03bwy

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