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Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Kurt Travis- Wha Happen? EP (2012)

Band: Kurt Travis
Release: Wha Happen? EP
Genre: Indie/Acoustic
Label: Doghouse Records

1. 25 New Ways To Regress
2. Time To Make A Plan; Not Getting Any Younger
3. Wha Happen?
4. My Favorite Things
5. Lets Remember Time
6. How Are Things

Review: 7.8/10
It seems you can’t keep a good singer like Kurt Travis down these days. After releasing the epic A Lot Like Bird’s debut Conversation Piece, he comes out of left field with a solo EP entitled Wha Happen? It’s very different from any of his past bands, as it’s a very mellow endeavor that focuses on his vocal talents with minimal instrumentals.

On the first track “25 New Ways To Regress,” Kurt goes for a very easy-going, indie feel that is largely absent from anything he’s done so far. Hand drums, maracas, and acoustic guitar combined with his off-beat personality give this EP a full set of legs to stand on it’s own. Being that he’s been in so many weird bands up to this point (A Lot Like Birds, No Not Constant, Dance Gavin Dance, O! The Joy, Five Minute Ride), no one could imagine him not going for a original and experimental sound. Also, props to the Doug theme song with his “dat-dat-dat’s.”

The title track “Wha Happen?” is the most structured song of them all, depending on your views on what structure is. It’s a fairly easy going acoustic track that is catchy, infectious, and a stand out track among anything he’s done so far. Going way left field, “My Favorite Things” is a really spacey song that (obviously) showcases his vocal talents. There aren’t any real instruments here, but his dual delivery provides all that you need. Speaking of the dual delivery, although it sounds great on record, it will leave something missing from his live shows.

The shining moment on the EP is the time old classic of saving the best for last. “How Are Things” is a softer spoken acoustic track that utilizes his vocals to a level that hasn’t really been seen before. The voice just carries and flows over the track like silk upon another layer of silk. This is the treat for his true fans that delve and take the time into listening to this off beat release.

Fingers crossed for more from Kurt Travis later in the year. Be sure to catch him on tour with Never Shout Never, Koji and Renne and the Translators April 27th through May 17th and with his band A Lot Like Birds with I Set My Friends On Fire, Greeley Estates and A Bullet For A Pretty Boy on March 17th through April 25th

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  1. hello i wanted to know if you were the one who blogged about the cassette tape for kurt travis wha happen ? and i wanted to know if you happened to have a copy by chance i could buy from you me and my boyfriend want it badly and no one has one im willing to pay for it ?? please haha it was 2012 ??