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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Sepsis- Personas EP (2011)

Band: Sepsis
Release: Personas EP
Genre: Grindcore/Deathcore
Label: Independently Released

1. Fallacy
2. Philotic Connections
3. Festival Of The Hunt
4. Rapedown

Review: 7.8/10

Sepsis is a grindcore/deathcore band that is aimed at taking out the posers in the Sacramento scene. Seriously good stuff here, full of technical guitar lovemaking and stop-on-a-dime breakdowns coupled with aggressive and brutal screaming.

On “Fallacy,” they start things off to a fast start with a brutal scream and a thunderstorm of drums with some sweet riffs, then gives the listener a furious delivery of screeching vocals that sound like a demonic banshee. I can only imagine how a live showing of them playing this track would look like. Think about this as grindcore vocals over a deathcore song structure with some excellent metal riffs and death metal drums.

Staying on the same type of delivery, “Philotic Connections” gives you the same sort of music as “Fallacy,” but slightly slower paced and a different kind of vocals that almost remind me of a black metal style (sans the echoes and overtones). This goes more into the deathcore field with the lengthy breakdowns replacing the verse lines and slightly metalcore-ish bridging the gap between the sections.

A really promising EP to be had from the Sacramento scene, I cannot wait till they release their upcoming album. It will be a doozy, that is a promise.

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