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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Paint Over Pictures- Like Hell EP (2012)

Band: Paint Over Pictures
Release: Like Hell EP
Genre: Southern Hardcore
Label: None

1. Swell
2. Birth, Grief, and Ashes
3. Like Hell
4. Tough Guy
5. The Frailty Of Everything

Review: 10/10
I’m so blown away at the new EP by Paint Over Pictures entitled Like Hell. It’s like they took southern hardcore a’la Every Time I Die and infused just the slightest bit of grunge to create a powerhouse release. This is how legends start out in the music industry today.

Quite comparable to Every Time I Die’s first EP The Burial Plot Bidding War in terms of song writing and progression, “Swell” also shows Bryan and his uniquely gruff clean singing style that is a refreshing CPR breath into a genre that is slowly becoming overpopulated. It’s a brutal and heavy song that is the shining example of the old saying “less is more.” Most bands try to be super technical to give that wow factor that grows stale over time, but Paint Over Pictures has that instantly catchy melody that can really stick to the listener over time.

Another fun fact of most bands that deem themselves southern hardcore really don’t know the meaning of that word. “Like Hell” has that perfect amount of heavy twang throughout the song that provides an excellent beer drinking, shit kicking song that should be in every country bar today. The initial notes that are played really draws the listener’s attention and Bryan’s vocals make you stay. Although they are not related by genre, Sacramento has had a recent downfall in bands that make excellent shit kicking music like Elysia that has (in my opinion) really brought down the overall music scene as they give way to copy and paste pussy post-hardcore bands, so when these guys roll through, better brace yourselves.

Going for a more straight hardcore feel like Havenside, “Tough Guy” is self explanatory. Give these EP a listen and download it FOR FUCKING FREE HERE!!! Labels, you need to open your eyes and take note on these guys.

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