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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Interview: The Used

So tour manager Charles texted me the day of Warped Tour to interview The Used on their tour bus. Among the smell of dank weed and leather couches, we did the interview. Burt... Clearly wasn't having a good day.

Ridge: So what made The Used, with as high caliber status as you are, want to come back to Warped Tour?

Burt: They asked us to! Haha, the crowds are great, huge and energetic. I can’t help but feed off that energy, it’s awesome.

You guys have done many high profile tours in the past, like Taste Of Chaos, Projekt Revolution, and Ozzfest, how does Warped Tour differ from all of those?

It’s a younger crowd and it’s based on punk rock. It’s more energetic and not so corporate.

You guys just released Vulnerable on Hopeless Records. What’s the reaction been like so far from the fans?

It’s been really good. Hopeless has a great team and it was the first time they offered a band a strict distribution deal, so it was completely ideal for us.

How was it working with John Feldman for the record?

It was good. He’s a hard worker, really knows his shit, and he’s like family to us.

To you personally, how do you feel Vulnerable differs from your other albums?

I feel it’s more similar to the first record. It’s a real positive record about becoming who you really are, daring to dream, and to go for those dreams, no matter what the cost. Being able to accept the fact of life, because the life you live is really all about successes and failures, and it’s what we do with those successes and failures that make us who we are.

What’s the setlist for today?

“Take It Away,” “Bird and The Worm,” “Listening,” “Put Me Out,” “Taste Of Ink,” “All That I’ve Got,” and “Box Full Of Sharp Objects.”

You guys have done an array of acoustic songs over the years. Have you guys ever considered recording a full acoustic album?

No, can’t say that I have.

One album that I really liked on the new album was “Shine.” What is the story behind that song?

It’s about daring to dream, make your choice, and being who you really are. Standing up for yourself and believing in yourself. You know, we only have one life to live.

What are your plans for after Warped Tour?

Doing some tours in South America and Europe, then come back and do a full headline tour in the U.S.

Any last words for the fans and all the people who came out to Warped Tour to see The Used play?

Well I think that The Used, as anyone knows, we have dedicated and hardcore fans. For us it’s just means the world to us and we really wouldn’t be out here at Warped Tour without the fans. This new record is for you guys and I hope you love it and feel inspired and live it like I do.

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